By klutz - 25/8/2010 04:14 - Canada
Today, while grabbing a husk of corn out of the boiling hot pot, I splashed hot water on my neck, dropped the corn on my injured toe, and cut myself on the counters, all while my family laughed at my pain. FML
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  pronounciations  |  5



wow all these fmls about pain and being laughed at arent that bad: a REAL fml is like this old one: today I found out I hated the job I spent 6 years and 15,000,000 preparing for. FML

  Flinlock  |  0

OP didn't say anything about using their bare hands to grab the corn, and since they didn't say anything about burning their hands they may have used some sort of utensil. Either way, this is my question: What the hell kind of counters do you have that are sharp enough to cut you??

By  molil_4810  |  0

srs thts so mean I luv you op it's ok your boo boo should go soon with a little love which is obviously not ur family dw god will help you!!!!dear god help op get better-r-men