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By  nubs  |  22

Guess you have to wait a bit longer. But you are not alone 😅😉

By  wrhapsody  |  10

I don't understand why women act like that. bitch you were a virgin once too.... sheesh. obviously, she wasn't worth your time. also, ignore people who will say your first time will be all special and shit... it won't be. you'll last max 30 seconds and it'll be embarrassing but a good girl will just smile and wait til you're ready to go again.

  thisisbutaname  |  38

Inexperience (aka virginity) can be a deal breaker. Maybe she wants a lover that already knows what to to and what he likes, and to avoid dealing with the learning process.

It sucks, but it's her right. Op will find someone who doesn't mind I'm sure.

By  sassypenguinxox  |  15

It was sweet of you to share the info but you would think something like that would come up before your first session, so that she’s not randomly blindsided. Breaking up with you over it was a bit much though. Next time be upfront and the right person would love it.

By  Woah.  |  2

It's sad that society cares about that type of shit. the right person will come along, mate. It's better being inexperienced with someone inexperienced it make it more romantic and you learn new things about each other.