By OhDear - 24/02/2011 20:03 - United Kingdom

Today, I went on a date with a guy who seemed to be quite the gentleman. I was proven wrong when he told me to "shut it" during dinner, stiffed me on the bill, and then left me at the restaurant so he could get his own taxi home. FML
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Saiyza 4

He was probably just in it for the meal.


NzaHaFML 13

Since he wasn't the gentleman, you could have also done the unlady-like thing. Shut him between the legs :)

you should have left the dick when he told you to shut it.

callofduty4life 0

if he was a gentlemen at first then obviously OP ****** up. probly talked to much then ur date just had to tell you to shut it.

Hanjian 3

I think 87 is right about this.....

Saiyza 4

He was probably just in it for the meal.

I bet the OP said something really offensive to or about him... I'd do the same too

You can't just assume she said something offensive...

Weren't you all complaining about the damn equality between man and women. You were talking to much during a meal, he gave you the possibility to pay, then he wanted to go home because eventually and most probable, you started annoying him either with you mad and unpleased face or with your words and behavior.

callofduty4life 0

You weren't do you know she was talking too much or that she was being annoying? Either way that's no reason to be rude. And as for the opportunity to pay, he could've offered to split instead of just leaving her with it and assuming she will pay.

he played u good. some fine ass girl will get him back

"Today I went on a date with a seemingly nice guy, but he turned out to be an ass. Why must everything happen to me? Boohoo FML" Probably one of the whiniest FMLs I've read in a while. Suck it up. Go on another date with a new guy. Jeeze.

WTF, why was my comment moderated. God you guys see anything remotely negative you delete it.

InfiniteSecret 20

You sound very bitter and like you forgot the purpose of this app.

Penises_are_fun 0

Well, don't be rude! He might read this FML and take offense! Say you're sorry >_>. Or give him a bj.

LexxyLiime 0

What's to be sorry about? She didn't do anything.

for talking so damn much that he said shut it.