By prdept. - 09/03/2011 17:12 - France

Today, I was having sex with a really hot guy. It was going great until his 6-year-old brother walked in and screamed so loudly it brought both of his parents running. FML
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RecklessJellyBea 7

Sex in a house with his brother and parents present? Oh, you silly teens... When will you guys learn.


I have walked in on my parents when I was little and the door was locked. long story short I was scarred for life.

#42 - LOL. How a man could be HOT if he lives with his parents? Hhm.. Maturity & independence are Hot. (*already out*)

kingtz 6

#45, if he has a 6yo brother, chances are that op and he are at most on their mid-teens. Hence, he's sill living with his parents.

CoachLlama 5

31 lol!! same was quiet in their room so I opened the door then closed it really fast and ran down the hallway to my room, the image forever imprinted in my brain..sigh. OP has got it wayyyy worse than me though!!!

haha me too. and I have paranoid schizophrenia so that doesn't help

so your willing to throw away your virginity for guys looks? what is with girls today...?

really because I'm 22 and live with my parents still and have an 8 year old brother. It does happen just so you know.

AngryNinja 1

Did I miss something or did OP say it was her vCard? And just cause he's a really hit guy doesn't make him random. They could be dating or good friends. Aren't assumptions fun? (:

that was a lil bit harsh! BUT! BUT! If she does act the way she talked then I understand Coo-toes to you man! ;).... no ****.

ilybooboo24 0
RecklessJellyBea 7

Sex in a house with his brother and parents present? Oh, you silly teens... When will you guys learn.

yazmi_09 3

you know you're right, next time if I'm gonna have sex with a guy and his parents are home I'll take it to a park bench instead!

ImmortalKratos 0

or or here's a thought now stay with me. keep ur pants on until no one is home. I'm not saying don't have sex but have a little respect.

missybopoo 1

...or in the stairwell, sports locker room, or janitor's closet at school... haha ;)

... the bathroom, the park after hours, the classroom when no ones there, the classroom when people are there, his car, ur car... etc etc the possibilities are practically endless

grapes1414 0

Makes you sound like a prostitute

MikeonFML 17

They could have been out of the house until they came back during the middle and the kid ran in first

this is the begginning to a very twisted Porno, most likely shot on a location in Alabama :p

Uhh FYI I'm from Alabama, and I don't see no hookers running all over the place. So you might wanna watch your ****-sucking mouth.

They're not talking about hookers hun, they're talking about incest.

Oh who are you bro who thinks Alabama is like that? Come down here and will be the shit out of you.

ALWAYS have a casual excuse on standby. But still, FYL.

Prankster7o7 5

Like he tripped and she fell?

Sathian 0

I was running naked and tripped on my naked girlfriend with an erection. Classy

crytorazon 0
duckie227 22

guess you should have waited until they left or something!

YDI for doing it while his family was were asking to be caught

Stranger danger! Who knows what the kid was thinking you were doing to his brother! lol

You were ****-blocked by an entire family. Yeah, FYL, but lock the door first this time.

tylersign 11

actually the term would be "twat swatted". thanks for playing.

donkeyshlong42 1

sorry didnt know there was a law stating you have to care about someone to have sex with them

SilenceIsSilver 0

Today, I am a 6 year old boy. I was minding my own business when I caught some random person who looks like the ladies my dad picks up on street corners doing things with my brother that he usually does with his friends. I think girls have cooties so I screamed for my parents to save him. Then my brother got mad at me for trying to save him. FML