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By LyricalTragedy - 16/12/2016 00:08

Today, I saw my father for the first time in two years. He felt compelled to tell me about how he got involved with a BDSM group and got an STD because of it. FML
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Maybe he's really struggling and needed someone to talk to?

ive been involved in BDSM groups for 18 years and the only people ive met with STDs got them from vanilla partners. The man got an STD by having sex with an infected partner, not from spanking someone.


Sounds like he's been having a good time, good for him.

What?! My birds and the bees talk didn't include anything about BDSM

Sorry you had to hear all that OP. Somethings should just be left unspoken.

Look on the bright side, now you know what to be cautious of if you're ever interested in joining a bdsm group

Sadly, not as many groups teach people how to "negotiate" and "verify" the status of people they play/are intimate with. I'm glad I found a group that teaches those things and it worked out really well.

Maybe sharing isn't caring in this situation

So I'm guessing you refrained from calling him Daddy? (I'm sorry.)

haha took the words right out of my mouth!! I was just about to comment that! :D

Seriously people here in fml downvote for absolutely stupid reasons like why would you downvote #11?

The FML community is pretty erratic with their comment-voting. Hell, someone can comment that their dog died and they'd still get buried. But hey! I love this app/website! *camera shifts to captor with a gun in hand*

Because someone else already said it. If #11 agrees, then #11 should upvote. Nobody cares that #11 was going to say the same thing.

I totally agree with #27. Just upvote if you think the same thing; you don't need to comment. That's unnecessary.

When he asked his Mistress to punish him for being a "bad boy" I'm pretty sure an STD was not what he meant. I think they're doing it wrong.

An STD from BDSM? That's TMI and you're gonna need ECT to erase the PTSD!

A sexuxally transmitted disease? That's too much information and you will need electroconvulsive therapy to get rid of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I didn't know BDSM stood for "Big Disease Sharing Mob"