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  almost_there44  |  26

Here we go with you getting your panties in a bunch. Your comment is bad and more than 10 people agree, so get over it. Seems like you get your validation from likes...quite sad actually. I love how my comments always get you so angry! Feel free to message me another hateful message.

  taylorcheri  |  15

It might not have been an outstanding comment... but dude, chill out... the only one it seems who has their panties in a bunch would be you.... it's a comment... on FML... not the end of the world....

  RocksGuy  |  0

Sadly, not as many groups teach people how to "negotiate" and "verify" the status of people they play/are intimate with. I'm glad I found a group that teaches those things and it worked out really well.


The FML community is pretty erratic with their comment-voting. Hell, someone can comment that their dog died and they'd still get buried.
But hey! I love this app/website!
*camera shifts to captor with a gun in hand*

  pjsr  |  32

Because someone else already said it. If #11 agrees, then #11 should upvote. Nobody cares that #11 was going to say the same thing.

By  c420racer  |  13

When he asked his Mistress to punish him for being a "bad boy" I'm pretty sure an STD was not what he meant. I think they're doing it wrong.