By cantstoplaughing - 06/10/2010 04:32 - United States

Today, I was working on my family genealogy. I found out that my best friend's great-grandfather murdered my great-grandfather. FML
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I hope you're not going to blame your best friend for it, darling. As shocking as the news is, it's in the past.

The question is : were they also best friends?


I hope you're not going to blame your best friend for it, darling. As shocking as the news is, it's in the past.

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no don't get revenge but it's the past and I don't think you two will murder eachother. but your bestfriend should know.

#1 darling. BAH! Op this is freakin awesome not FML! Just laugh about it and move on dude!

OP's name is "cantstoplaughing" I'm pretty sure she's just as entertained by this as we are.

not everyones screen name is connected with their FML... just sayin

roflmao #14 zombieland quote!! love that movie!

this isn't an fyl or ydi. it's more like well. that sucks. move on

Then your grandfather killed his grandfather, then his father killed your father. Now you need to kill him to keep up the pattern.

This is a novel that hasn't been written yet. XD

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whoa...I love to hear more. Not about the murder but the background behind it.

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The novel would go something like this.... "The day I figured out that my best friend's great grandfather killed my great grandfather, I immediately started planning my revenge... I planned to kill him. I went to his house with a knife that night, climbed in through his window, and shoved that knife up his ass."

Just hope that history doesn't repeat itself.

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you've just became her bitch now.

Darling this, darling that, just stop it, you retard. Your not the Queen, for Christ's sake. Stop acting like you are.

That's more like an fml for your great grandfather.

#162 Looks like someone's on their period...

One of the most intriguing fml's ever - it would be interesting to know more.

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what if he was bang his wife at the same time what more is there? hes long gone

you know history repeats itself she has a chance to things right by killing her best friend if it comes to that. I dunno, I'm pretty hungry someone should make me a sandwich

If this is an FML why is your name 'cantstoplaughing' ?

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hahahhaha great family you got there. I hope they didn't pass on that specific gene to you.

OP's great grandfather was murdered. Are you implying that OP is genetically predisposed to being murdered?

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I like ur pic #4. it made me lol

ruby84 1

Shut your ******* ugly mouth Tikwichka. Thanks MissErika, glad it made you laugh.

Tikwichka 5

Not until you cease the stupidity. Do you honestly think being murdered is a genetic trait? How would the gene survive? Even if you were trying to be funny you still come across as an idiot! As for an ugly mouth, you are the one stooping to foul language, so who has the ugly mouth now?

Actually Tikwicha's mouth isn't ugly at all... she actually has a pretty smile 8D

ruby84 1

go **** yourself, I really have no time to sit & argue with you. just move along, bitch

TahoeFMler 22

But you wrote 3 times. That indicates you DO or did have time to sit and argue! It's ok though to realize you phrased your comment wrong though. There are even tactful way you can STILL laugh it off!

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Why do you people get so angry?

"How would the gene survive?" has to be one of my favorite questions asked on FML. :]

Bloody epic fail. Thanks for the laugh, you really brightened my day. I was feeling kind of down because I mucked up some exchange rates and traded for a loss, but you just reminded me that there's always stupider people then myself in this world. Cheers

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*more stupid, stupid and Tikwichka's smile is just average/normal.

That's actually a really interesting finding op... Nice job

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Carry a knife around. Just in case.

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Yeah, you may not have known, but your beat friend is going to kill you. Gotta keep the tradition alive.

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Woah! That sucks. :O Haha did you tell your best friend? :P

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Obviously, how else would op know it was the great grandfather