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  KingDingALing  |  9

The novel would go something like this....

"The day I figured out that my best friend's great grandfather killed my great grandfather, I immediately started planning my revenge...
I planned to kill him. I went to his house with a knife that night, climbed in through his window, and shoved that knife up his ass."

  fuckmrsoftee  |  0

you know history repeats itself she has a chance to things right by killing her best friend if it comes to that. I dunno, I'm pretty hungry someone should make me a sandwich

  Tikwichka  |  5

Not until you cease the stupidity. Do you honestly think being murdered is a genetic trait? How would the gene survive? Even if you were trying to be funny you still come across as an idiot!

As for an ugly mouth, you are the one stooping to foul language, so who has the ugly mouth now?

  TahoeFMler  |  22

But you wrote 3 times. That indicates you DO or did have time to sit and argue! It's ok though to realize you phrased your comment wrong though. There are even tactful way you can STILL laugh it off!

  GEFStryker  |  28

Bloody epic fail. Thanks for the laugh, you really brightened my day.

I was feeling kind of down because I mucked up some exchange rates and traded for a loss, but you just reminded me that there's always stupider people then myself in this world.