By loser4life / Saturday 30 July 2011 04:38 / United States
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  FreshSalad  |  1

Actually, AIDS in humans came from people eating monkeys with AIDS. That's a way you can transfer it but since humans don't eat humans we don't talk about it.

By  Parazad  |  16

Why would you think that? A little thinking could have solved your question.

  Takuya272727  |  16

Some people eat dogs somewhere, I'm sure. Chinese eat cats? I'm sure a few girls have had sex with their dog, whether looking to screw, curiousity, or something. I've seen a video and read a few stories... A guy, IDK about...

  Takuya272727  |  16

It was a question, as I had heard it somewhere and thinking of dog eating reminded me of that. I'm sure someone has eaten cat before, as same with a dog. As Japanese eat fish sperm, americans don't. I don't even see how it was closed minded though.

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