By loser4life - 30/07/2011 04:38 - United States

Today, in health class, I raised my hand and asked if you could get an STD from dogs. I have officially now ruined any extremely small chance I had of being popular. FML
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What do you do with your dogs...?


do you get morality from morons?

steezy4you 3

no but you did

theten_fml 9

teacher: semen has sugars in it Op: why doesn't it taste sweet?

No matter how many times I read this FML, it always make me giggle just imagining the look on everyone else's face after he asked that

why did you ask that? did you try!!!!

austinkiser 3

I'm sure everyone else was too scare to ask that question so gratz for u stepping up .... on second thought that's just really wrong

Maybe you won't be popular but at least we know you get laid whenever you want (dogs still count!).

Even people from different countries (me :D) are laughing at you OP, pretty soon all of the world will laugh at you

the golden rule. all embarrassing questions can be avoided by using google.

So can you or not?! I need to know for a friend.

69- I told you to keep that between us!

wow fyl :/ your name says it all too....

Well there's the case of a guy pumping a koala in the anus and getting an STD.

In my health class, someone asked if a period scabbed. Don't worry, there are other morons out there.

You people really don't know do you? AIDS was from a guy fucking a monkey, so in pretty damn sure you can get an STD from a dog if it has them.

You people really don't know do you? AIDS was from a guy fucking a monkey, so in pretty damn sure you can get an STD from a dog if it has them.

FreshSalad 1

Actually, AIDS in humans came from people eating monkeys with AIDS. That's a way you can transfer it but since humans don't eat humans we don't talk about it.

ohrlynao 0

I have a great solution: DON'T FUCK DOGS.

iLOLatURpain69 7

At least he didnt ask about horses.

aw dont effe the poor puppy

103 and 111- your both rong! the US goverment invented AIDS!!! its a conspiracy i tell ya, a conspiracy!!!! ;)

143-I have heard that

FuniiBunii 0

U should've start laughing and make it seem as ur jking , even if it wouldn't sound funny it would be better than wt everyone thinks f u nw -.-

jjoyce6 0

Taking doggy style a little to literally?

icecreammintz 0

thats when you say well i was just wondering because i saw the guy next to me forcing his dog to rape him

TheChampagneBoi 5

wow lol

96 When I saw your comment, I looked up to check the name. I was seriously hoping the name would "doglover".

PrimeStarscream 30

A+ that was gold!

zendaddy0 0

out of all my years of interneting I can honestly sat WTF's beastiality. Nice try though Justin Bieber.

cummbubble 0

clever, i bet you have done that before 187

157- English please....

suitgirl5 5

143 Could you be any more of an idiot. AIDS kills people all the time, what's next, polio and cancer are just made up?

This would've been so much more credible if you had spelled "wrong" right.

dannnngthatsux 19

#103. Latest medical reports show it came from humans eating monkeys and apes, not screwing them. That's brucellosis you are thinking of.

CookieMonstr19 0

You probably should've thought that one through a bit more before u raised ur hand......good luck.

I think OP just likes it doggy style

YourEvilHero 12

today I found out out my daughter uses our hotdogs as a dildo. fml

TaylorTotsYumm 10

39, Meg?

39 you look 18...

39 you look 18...

Ugh fml on my phone is double posting all the time now

C-c-c-combo breaker!

do you still eat them

75- same here. Hopefully this one doesn't. But I keep crashing after I post and then it double posts.

CptGap 0

oh ma gaud now u is not popular sad face for yoo?? :(

What do you do with your dogs...?

He plays fetch, but with 2 tennis balls if you know what I mean

iLOLatURpain69 7

Its gonna cost him $300 to get his pitbull an abortion.

instead of tennis balls stick

instead of tennis balls stick

itsgen 16

I wonder if op likes to use peanut butter with her dogs ......

He throws his dog a bone

OP- why the fuck would you ask that. Do you want to have sex with a dog

What he should be asking is if the dog can get them from him

Need a moment? Chew it over with Twix!

Shouldve had both! Seriously what did you expect was going to happen with a beastiality question?

rofflewaffle 9

It's okay; I had Subway for lunch.

youre not the same when youre hungry.snickers!.

4- this would make for a great commercial for twix. hahaha

SamBaBam98 0


Wow, there's a whole new spin to Doggy Style.

Wow, there's a whole new meaning to Doggy Style.

pause like you mean it

Best. Comment. Ever.

Parazad 16

Why would you think that? A little thinking could have solved your question.

be friends with the dogs?

Captain0bv10us 0


Yeah okay.... uh... I'm sure he will -_-

I'm pretty sure he means "just be friends"

my people might get accused of eating dogs, which is not true, but fucking a dog?? that's just nasty.....

texans eat dogs???

kevalanwilliams 0

I've heard of Chinese eating dog. But not texans.

Takuya272727 16

Some people eat dogs somewhere, I'm sure. Chinese eat cats? I'm sure a few girls have had sex with their dog, whether looking to screw, curiousity, or something. I've seen a video and read a few stories... A guy, IDK about...

ken8lk 3

rule 34, 'nuff said

daylight123 0

the fuck?!

smilessss 4

you are such a freaking closed minded idiot. Chinese don't eat cats

Takuya272727 16

It was a question, as I had heard it somewhere and thinking of dog eating reminded me of that. I'm sure someone has eaten cat before, as same with a dog. As Japanese eat fish sperm, americans don't. I don't even see how it was closed minded though.

softball1432 0

they do eat dogs. maybe you should look it up on YouTube. the video shows the proof and the cruel way that they treat animals..

Don't lie to us. With a mind like that, you never had a chance in the first place.

HAHAHAHA! interestin yet totally wierd question...

Symmetry88 0

you're pretty much screwed. next time, DON'T SCREW DOGS!

Vash_41288 10

yes stick to other animals like obscure ones at list you'll stand out among the animal fetish crowd lol

Vash_41288 10


Captain0bv10us 0

12 - They're man's best friend for a reason ;)

just take out the first two letters and say HAHA to you haters