By thatisnotcool45 - 09/12/2011 05:22 - Canada

Today, I got to say, "My best friend hooked up with my step-sister's grandma's aunt" and be correct. FML
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Your best friend must have an old woman fetish

Beebow_fml 5

3 generations up? I'm going to guess you're both rather young which makes this even more disturbing.


Your best friend must have an old woman fetish

There is a possibility she wasn't grey hair grandma old, if "step sister" is a baby, everyone on that side had kids young and aunt is the youngest.... But it does sound disturbing how its written.

yumlicious 4

The op said the grandma's aunt. So if I'm correct that would great-great Aunt. I'm assuming she's in the 60-100yo range.

HeartAndSoul2011 0

Well not in all cases...sometimes the aunt/uncle is younger than the niece/'s weird but not uncommon

RedPillSucks 31

GILT - Grandma I'd like to tongue?

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Who doesn't love a good gumjob every once in a while?

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I have a nephew that is three years older than me.

yumlicious 4

@33 - Touche. My friend has an aunt the same age as her.

This step-stisters grandma's aunt could be about 40 years old just about, It's possible the OP could just have an older best friend... although this is a bit of a stretch :/

Beebow_fml 5

3 generations up? I'm going to guess you're both rather young which makes this even more disturbing.

bizarre_ftw 21

Colin?^ Or there could be an age gap between the friends

Hold up a second. If you calculate this. Lets assume OP's best friends is 16. If grandma was born when mother was 20, and great granny was born when mum was 20, granny's aunt could be as much as 40 years younger. (see next comment for rest)

Lets assume 25 years younger. Lets say stepsister is also 16 and her mum and and her were born when their parents were twenty, so granny is now 56, aunt could be 31. Or if you were to take an extreme and assume early and late sexual activities, birth at mothers only 12 and late as 50 then aunt could be unborn. So best friend could also be a paedophile. But I'm sure it's not as bad as it sounds anyway.

I was guessing OP could be early twenties, with a step sister younger than ten. Atleast then it makes his sisters great aunt not look like a pedo.

saIty 17

How did you guess that? Were you guys playing charades?

MwahFMLS 6

Basically, the OP's best friend hooked up with someone three generations before him.

MwahFMLS 6

Thank you for the explenation. Points to you for not being a smart ass.

Well aunts and uncles can be much younger than their nephew/nieces.

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shanemaximo 7

It was most likely divisible by 30.

Imagine bingo night. "Hi ladies. Guess what?" "You hooked up with your nieces' grand-daughters' step-brothers' best friend?" "Bingo!" Love has no age limit OP, but FYL anyway.

Muslimgal92 0

Well if the age difference is 20+ years then the higher probability is that the younger man/woman is after her/his money...not "love"! Be real

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that is a really good picture! its like she posed for it

bizarre_ftw 21
Androidz 0

Was he into great grandmas, or amazing aunts?

It could have been a she. That would be a better story.

Lol, I get it... 'great' grandma, and 'amazing' aunt...

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A number and potentially a statutory rape charge.

12- The only people who say that are the people who are dating someone who is too young/old and trying to make that sound ok.

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bizarre_ftw 21

Auntie Grancougar She lives deep in the woods and over a river, beware