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Today, I applied to live in a barn. FML
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Now if someone yells at you and says "Do you live in a barn or something?!" You can say "Yes. Yes I do."


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Today I read the shortest FML I've ever looked at. And it made little sense! FML.

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# 89...I couldn't agree more. it took me a couple tries and I have small

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I'm it the first try!...:)

No prob here either selecting this on my iPhone and I've got fat fingers...

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What's wrong with living in a barn?

OP, I accept your application. Just don't touch the midget in the corner. He's pretty pissed about being moved out of the basement.

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nothing is wrong wit living in a barn especially if u like to keep the door open

He's trying out this new religious thing. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

That would be so fun! Just make sure NEVER to have a flame in there!

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6- I no rite that's what I was thinkin, I wudnt have applied, I wudve told the animals to move over and make room lmao!!

You can sing Old mcDonalds farm every night without sounding like a dick.

Now if someone yells at you and says "Do you live in a barn or something?!" You can say "Yes. Yes I do."

****. I just realized the question is wrong. It's "were you raised in a barn?" So much for being witty. I'm going to bed.

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It's ok, we all have our temporary lapses in sanity. Some just last longer than others...

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I can't remember, it's been so long...

That would actually kind of kick ass to be able to say that to someone and not be sarcastic

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You could have saved this one. If someone says ,"Were you born in a barn?," you could reply, "No, but I was rejected from living in one. The neighbors complained of the smell."

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Today, I posted the shortest FML ever.

I think the shortest so far is: Today, Michael Jackson died, FML I COULD be wrong though. That's the shortest I remember.

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