By charlieg9 - 30/08/2013 12:33 - United States - East Meadow

Today, I found out that I'm the creepy uncle of the family. FML
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If the shoe fits

Every family has one. Someone has to do.


If the shoe fits

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If the shoe fits, you clearly picked the right size. I'm a 7

Charlie sounds like a creepy uncle name

There was an "Uncle Charlie" in Two and a Half Men, but what happened to him? He got killed by his creepy neighbor!

Every family has one. Someone has to do.

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It's because you're the creepy one. ^

Epikouros 31

#26, please ask your grandparents to adopt me.

aw I was going to say that... you won this round...

And then there's the gay cousin and the slutty aunt. It's just the way things are supposed to be.

Neither does mine :) Our family's strangely weirdo-free...

And the uncle that's a drunk!

flashback.miss 28

depending on what they mean by creepy, you could have fun with this.

TheDrifter 23

Rock the creepy :) stock up on leisure suits and chest hair wax, buy a white windowless van and offer to drive the nieces and nephews to school. Maybe a doll collection and an affected lisp. There is a lot of fun to be had in playing this up.

I wonder what made him earn that title

35 - Same, but I immediately imagined some balding fat guy in sweats who no one in the family really talks to.

27- I'm pretty sure if the van is windowless that he wouldnt be able to see where he's driving. (Lame joke, I know :P)

juststephhere 23

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RedPillSucks 31

Was that because you were checking out someones FML profile?

I instantly checked out your FML profile

JoeGrant 12

How does one find that type of information out?

Intervention style family meeting? Something like 'We're here because we love you, and we're worried about your creeper problem... Your nieces and nephews are scared of you.'

If you've been deemed that already, you might as well play the part. Show them just how creepy you can be when you actually try.

skip_m 6

Uncle Fester?

Uncle Ernie.....

Uncle Larry that's a bad touch!

soldiat_fml 17

Uncle Lester. Super creepy name.

nuggetmonster 12

What unintentionally sexual comment did you make about a females developing body to earn yourself that status?

TheDrifter 23

Might not have been a female's body. Creepy knows no bounds of good taste or man code.

Everyone's got to have a position