By crucets - 06/10/2010 04:37 - United States

Today, I received a friend request on Facebook. I didn't know her, but she was cute, so I accepted the request. After looking at her pictures, I sent her a message saying "What's up cutie, do I know you?". She responded "Yes, I'm your cousin". FML
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twilightdogstar 1

I can see how this could happen. I have a large extended family, with a ton of cousins I've never met, and a few of them have added me on Facebook. Although calling her "cutie" is definitely a bit of a facepalm moment.


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MagicGiraffe 12

you know you're a redneck when....

now reading this a 2nd time I could swear the same thing happened to me except it was around last year. He even said the same thing to me and I replied the same, except it was on MySpace.

born in Alabama

MagicGiraffe 12

purple for life <3

ruby84 1

so you're not allowed to complimant a relative without it being incect?! grow up!

yeah... calling her cutie really is not that bad. If it had been "sexy" or anything like that... then ok. You can totally save face with "cutie"

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27 what?! lol

Whats wrong with you!?

that was meant for 15

sarahj090 0

completely agree with #44/46 even if your cousins are cute their blood dont cry because you cant touch them i guess you should just be happy your family has good genes

I have a bunch of hot cousins that I don't know who add me. don't sweat it dude

RedPillSucks 31

@15 that was funny, poetic, and eerie all at the same time.

I feel the same way lol

RachelHellYeah 0

yeah 15 sorta creeped me out...


sadly nobody thinks of you like that 15.

20 - "You're looking nice today," or "I like your hair" is perfectly fine, but calling a cousin "cutie" is just strage.

first cousin or second cousin jk lol

88- He didn't know they were cousins. If he knew, of course this would be horridly wrong, but he didn't. It could be a case where she's a step-cousin (and the two families only recently got married). Or, she could be a cousin that's only met him once, in early childhood.

one of my best chick friends is my cousin and I tell her she's hot all the time! there's nothing wrong with thinking she's hot. just don't act on it

Actually people seem to like it haha

IAreStarfeesh 0

Ohmahgawsh. More purple animals! I vote wewt.

fail fail fail

sheribb 5

hahaha , you dirtyyyy hillbilly !!! ;P

haha u shoulda said not anymore

You think that way bud, your picture is totally true now...

Ooooooohh *sigh* all those mysterious hot cousins these days... *shakes head* :P bttr come up with a good explanation! :]

mrbobmarley4 8

Am I the only one that thought 15 was a guy?

wow fail

ruby84 1

your picture fails worse

FFML_314 11

Shut up already.


22. - So, I'm assuming teenage girls are no longer allowed to have fun with their friends? Fair enough then. Idiot.

22, shut up allredy!!!!!!! this is meant to be a fun site, not a serious one!!!!!

SaintE_fml 0

her pic is cool fuck off

FML is full of whiny pussies, excluding myself, of course.

Well, he IS from Texas...

LightningLadyy 0

Ahhhh, way to go Texas.. AGAIN -.-

bh0p 0

I am tired of you Texas fails, making us look like Arkansas. :p

ymmot_45 0

ur from texas incest is a part of life at least it's not your sister or brother

breenarae25 0

lol ur jacket looks like it says ew York lol

gottrythis 0

IT MUST RUN IN THE TREE I GUESS... hahah just kidding now what about your friends can they help this apple tree grow?

You should totally hit that.

ur an idiot!!!!playerrrrr

hairt 4


robc32ca 4

so the name didn't give it away? and you didn't recognize her?

imcutefml 0

i didnt no my cousin was my cousin when we first met some ppl hav totally diff names and looks

76, your grammar and spelling terrifies me. It is an entirely plausible possibility that I might have nightmares about it tonight. Yikes!

tbh if my cuz was fine i wouldnt think my life is effed, but my cuzin IS FUGLY

FFML_314 11

Who wants their cousin to be fine?

You're saying it wrong. It's FOIIIIINNE! (foyn) You have to scream it for extra emphasis as well.

Cusin Lovin'

I don't see the problem. So you think your cousin has good looks, it's not like you were unaware of who she was long enough to get any serious feelings. Though you probably should have recognised your cousin, though I could understand if you haven't seen each other for a long while for various reasons or what not.

Chaith 16

You shouldn't have to use the scientific method to figure she totally took it the wrong way. That's what's wrong. Haha.

Chaith, well, that's the thing, he did ask if they knew each other, so it's not like he tried to chat her up knowing they were cousins. Also, if she's getting offended that he didn't remember her, then I'm sure the OP would be able to explain why he'd forgotten and all would be well again.

mikeo511 0

dude..just hit it

haha fail. u really gotta start goin to those family reunions more often.

ii agree with u too!!