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  CheshireHalli  |  19

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  CannibalGuy  |  0

Actually, objectively, there's nothing majorly wrong with first cousins marrying. As long as there haven't been immediately previous incidences of incest, there's only an increase in the incidence of genetic disorders/inheritable bad traits of about 2% over the normal population. Not that I'm endorsing cousins marrying/having children, but as long as it's a one-generation thing, nothing too bad should happen.

By  CaMarshall  |  0

Get tested?? For what? I don't know of any STDs you can only get from your cousins...

By  ohheykiwi  |  2

I don't get it.
What's the FML? It's not that bad. It's not like they're brother and sister.

  capthigh  |  16

What do you mean not that bad fourth cousins would be not that bad heck third cousins could even be considered not that bad but omg they are first cousins that is literally so gross I wanna gag

  mlelene13  |  7

You do realize how many issues the female could have with the pregnancy? The child could easily have multiple birth defects because of how closely related the parents are.

By  Jemm_fml  |  29

.___. that is just freakish. yeah get tested. Those who are saying there's nothing wrong with it.. well this makes the world a ton more interesting to me. LOL

Srsly, get tested. Really. Please.

  lilkamarciano  |  0

agree with above. like get tested for what. they're humans at least they're not brother and sister yea they're related but didn't we all technically come from Adam and eve? so were all technically related in one way or another


agree! also, back in the 1700s century, all the royals wanted pure blood... so they married their cousins, nephews, nieces, so there's a high chance that all Europeans are related yet some of them are the richest and smarts ppl and countries... moreover, I'm sure you'd already have symptoms if u had issues

By  ijrnelson  |  0

You are on average 50% the same as your siblings are far as what genes u get from your parents. Your kids take 50% of your genes. So on average you will only have about 12.5% of the same genes as ur first cousin from your common grand parents on average. So from a single generation of first cousin marriage the odds of u picking up a problem from this are pretty low. Having said that your parents are 99.9125% the same as each other genetically anyway, and your 99.9% the same as any random person on the street - no matter what race they are. So who cares! :P

  AAAAHHHH12  |  2

I honestly refuse to believe that because of his lack of grammar skills. Shoot, I didn't even read the whole thing. As soon as I saw the 'u's and 'urs', I lost interest.