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  vaya_aya  |  0

I also completely fail to see how this is FML.

Spoiled brat, jut change the sheets. If it's really gross, change the mattress.

Actually, I came to terms with my grandma passing only when I took a nap in her bed -- the same she died in. It was actually were liberating and comforting.


harsh much? she's not a spoiled brat if she is weirded out by her grandmother's bed that she died in. just because you came in terms with your grandmother's death that way, doesn't mean that the OP has to.

OP, just politely send it back and tell them you're uncomfortable sleeping on that bed. I don't think anyone would take it that personally.

  idefka  |  33

#20, you seriously would be perfectly fine with laying in a bed, that a person died in? Most likely, they have fucked in the bed too. I personally don't think It would be very fun to lay around where someone died.


to everyone who is leaving comments like this, why don't you wash the clothes that one of your relatives died in and wear it around. it's not because the bed is dirty, it's because she DIED in it

By  CFR  |  0

Well everyone is saying so nicely, just wash everything about four thousand times. If the idea that your grandmother died in the same bed you're sleeping in doesn't go away after that (since we all know that cleaning it still won't get rid of the truly messed up, uncomfortable feeling of sleeping in a place where someone died), get rid of it.