By sandra - 05/02/2016 01:01 - Norway - Trondheim

Today, I agreed to anal with my boyfriend, which he was happy about, until I told him in the interest of fair play he also had to let me fuck him with a strap on. It didn't take him very long to suddenly decide anal is disgusting, with all kinds of health risks. And he thinks he's the smart one. FML
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crazycountry 17

I tried to do that to my ex and being the asshole that he is he gave me a bunch of excuses why it wasn't fair play.

danceinconverse 25

Ha! I always say this too. Some guys may actually be genuinely into it, but most only want it because most girls DON'T want it, so it's a "challenge". I just don't understand how you can ask someone "Hey, I know you have a hole literally designed for a penis that you actually enjoy having my penis in, and I like that too, but I'd love to put it in the hole you have that's NOT designed for a penis, so it'll really hurt you, and won't give you much pleasure at all. Plus we may get shit everywhere. Literal shit. Sound good?"


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Hell yes! On the other hand, he should have totally gone for it because the butt has lots of good feelings for dudes if they're willing to experiment. Also strap ons are super fun to wear and wave around.

YourOpinionSucks 22

Jokes on my girlfriend, I know how to use a dick, therefore she has it worse. Me? I'd get a two pump dump before she gets tired.

Joke is on your girlfriend because she's dating someone that's extremely stupid

petert71 10

Is this an FML because you were looking forward to the anal swap and he changed his mind?

joeyl2008 29

I think I would be more excited about her doing it to me than me doing it to her.

Redgy22 26

It's because he actually thinks he changed his own mind. However OP is still with him...

YourOpinionSucks 22

Am I the stupid one? No, I would take the deal because I know for a fact I would get more out of it than her. While we're on the little fact of how much my ass could handle, I'm 100% certain, it's not an issue for me. I might be stupid to you, but in that circumstance I would cum out on top. Pun intended, bitch.

#14 I've never seen so many downvotes in my entire life

@YourOpinionSucks When you say you'd get more out of it than her is that because you are under the impression that strap-ons are only made to pleasure the person who is being screwed? If so, you'd be wrong, only really shitty strap-ons are made that way. The good one's not only have a ***** part that's made to penetrate her while she's penetrating you but they also tend to have little pockets into which you slip a bullet vibrator which teases the clit. She should be more than capable of pounding your ass for quite a while if she's ever done anything such as ride your/or any other person's dick cowgirl style or working out her legs. Plus I'd say that if she's never used a strap-on before it would take her a little bit to get used to it which would mean your ass would be taking a pounding by someone who is inexperienced at not injuring someone with their dick. So yeah, I'd say it would be a toss-up as to which of you would technically have it "worse". Especially since women tend to take longer to ******.

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leogachi 15

@120 If he had one that would be logical, but since guys don't have vaginas you're just grasping at straws.

Well... Some people refer to a sissy's (femboy's) ass as a pussy.

Thought the same thing #42. Why is this an FML? She didn't want to have anal and got out of it. Not really an FML.

I don't fully understand why some heterosexual men think it's strange for a female to perform anal for them, but absolutely okay for them to perform anal on a female. I can understand that it might possibly be due to comfortability or maybe masculinity (to some men), but at the end of the day sex should be about exploring each others bodies and finding out what the other likes. Without exploration some might not be exposed to something they find pleasurable... Can't knock it unless you try it. I, personally, have been asked to perform anal on a men. I never found it strange or homosexual, but something that he found pleasurable.

crazycountry 17

I tried to do that to my ex and being the asshole that he is he gave me a bunch of excuses why it wasn't fair play.

So he decided that it was fair play for You but not him, what a weirdo.

Talis99 26

I'm curious what is not fair play, 2. Because women should be on the bottom of sex? Because being penetrated is for women? Stupid. And besides, while anal can feel good for a woman if they're careful and all, men are the ones with the prostate gland. Anal might be more "natural" for them than us. XD

anyone remember the fml where after this couple finished anal the guy pulled a strap on out of no where and told the girl "now you do me."

Bubbles77777 11

I told my husband to let me do it to him and see how HE likes it. He ended up loving it from the first go and doesn't understand why I don't. He keeps trying to convince me to let him try on me.

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leogachi 15

@121 She didn't say anything about a pact.

also she implies that she did try it at some point. she says that he doesn't understand why he likes it but she doesn't. this would mean she's tried it and didn't like it, he wants her to keep trying.

This is gonna be TMi but I live for these chances lol. I have tried with my husband. Our "successful" try landed me in the E.R. Turns out, I suffer from internal hemorrhoids (and the other FML about shooting foam up their butt brought back horrible memories.) they are cured now but the fear of internally bleeding out again remains. You know what it's like going to the E.R. For bleeding despite doing everything "right" and having like 5 different doctor's and nurses check out your anus all while suggesting different lubes to try while the doctor says "it's hemorrhoids bleeding out! You see?" And the nurses and practitioner all take turns looking into your butt? Yeah, turn off. Not again for a long time.

nukehawk 5

Not sure how that is f your life. If that was the case you wanted anal and don't need fair play to be happy. Should be f your bf life. Feel bad for the kid

So, we need a follow up. did you make him squeal? Surely he'll cave eventually

This is pretty smart. Mind if i steal this for the future, OP? xD

Mathalamus 24

Meh, anal is disgusting. Just my opinion. But he is a bit of a hypocrite...

I remind my partner about how I always reciprocate. And I mean, always.

i don't get why there's so much hype around it mainly by men. i think it's closet homos who enjoy it tbh.

jazzybaby179 22

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Would you have thought it odd if he agreed?

notabanana 8

why, because anyone who would take a strap on in the ass is 100% gay?

Well that was a bit of a leap - who mentioned anything about being gay? I personally find it weird that anyone would enjoy anal, whether they're gay, straight or otherwise.

Stfu stop overreacting and getting butt hurt

#18 Guys have a prostrate gland so it isn't really weird for anal to feel good for them.

"I personally find it weird that anyone would enjoy anal" does not mean I don't UNDERSTAND that some people get enjoyment from it, or that the act itself is odd. It simply means that I personally find it weird that anyone would enjoy anal.

I think #23 sums up my thoughts. Also, things I didn't say: 1. That other people do, or should find anal weird. 2. That the act of anal is weird. 3. That there there was any accusation whatsoever that my personal opinion was invalid.

#16 silly boy. enjoying anal stimulation has nothing to do with your sexual orientation. Sounds like someone has homophobe tendencies ?

He was being sarcastic. Seriously sarcasm seems like a dead foreign language to people on FML

#166 its because we can't hear the sarcasm in their voice