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Today, I was upset that my boyfriend hasn't called in a while. Turns out, my step-mother blocked his number so he can't call. She never told me and, instead, just let me think he hated me. FML
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wow.. what a bitch

She could at least tell you. I can picture them both yelling at each other, "WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME???"


Congratulations! Here's your prize: .

tweetbaby14 18

phone blocks technology's little way of fucking you over

Yee12 0

15! stop smoking crack

Pearljammer001 0

the phone is like, dis' mah house, and yous' not gon' call dis' numbah no mo'

how does op deserve it?

what a bitch, stepmothers suck. also how does one block a number on a house phone?not saying u can't do it, actully wondering...

# 1 you are a retard @op fail too see the fml part you just found out your boyfreind, in fact, does not hate you

The FML is probably that she thinks her boyfriend is probably wondering by now why she wouldn't try to get in contact with him instead yet because he's usually the 1 to call she hasn't thought to call him instead and rather just took it as he's trying to avoid her o.o or maybe the FML is she has a fucking evil bitch as a stepmom -.-

This is perfectly understandable. After all, the telephone is the only way of communicating with other people in 2010.

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first? aww f*** never mind

ahahha that stinks

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he might think u hooked up with someone else and your leaving him.....sad!!!

you couldn't call him????

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@59 epic fail haha lol

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I'm glad at least someone got a little humor out of it :)

i have a phone just like yours!!!!!!! uh.... i dont remember your number, your the girl with the env3.

my mom has done that too :(

You realize theres like 70 other ways to talk to people? Or are they a 60 year old man half way across the world?

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you sir are epic

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has anyone seen snicks around hahaha

#27 really? you no longer need to smoke it when you can get a similar affect threw iDoser.

Well, SOMEONE hates you, that's for sure! Sorry OP, FYL

You, Sir. Fail

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@1 Why do people like being first I mean realy who gives a f*ck

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hahaaaaa oh that was funny, pearl jammer

wow what a bitch I hate my stepmom too.

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wow 78 your pretty:)

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Today, my step-daughter found out that as a last reasort I have blocked the phone number of her 15 years older boyfriend who cheated on here the last time he was out of prison. She hates me for "not understanding love." FML

YDI for not calling him. In a world where women have fought for equality, you give women a bad name. Epic fail. You should call and beg for his forgiveness, then consider yourself lucky if he stays in the relationship with your thoughtless, self-centered, stupid ass. ok women, feel free to lash back. open season on JDub.

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you win................. DEEZ NUTZ BEAAAATCH!!!

SeedlessMe 13

ok jdub-- i'm a girl, and i must say, I agree.. what kindof idiot can't just pick up the phone and dial it when you feel like talking?

Don't worry. U r a motherf-ing cinderella

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damn you john

John fuck u there's no reason to waste a comment saying somthing stupid like"first"

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John didn't say first... plus you don't talk over the internet? Maybe you have a home phone?

Dwight_A_R_Manag 0

nvm when I posted it it said crazie11 said first

Sorry to hear that.

I agree that sucks she's so mean

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wow.. what a bitch

Hey, mabye she went on an acid trip and Jesus told her that your boyfriend was a clone of Hitler's reanimated corpse who was bent on stealing the world's rainbow unicorn poop. That sounds like a valid reason.

Obviously that's what happened.

oooo it all makes sense... now to find that monkey...

in a situation like this I ask myself WWJD

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wwjd? rebuke the mother for playing favorites!

yayy I got first!!!!!

THANK U tweety fir proving the point that there is no reason to waste a comment saying"first"

sugarbabyxoxo 2

thanks to tweetyfuck for proving there is no point for bitching about it either!! you look just as stupid!!! hahah anyways OP that blows!

tweetbaby14 18

ok look you ugly over-sized oompa loompa you're what 40 and you're messing with a 15 year old. are you stupid or somethig?

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lol oompa loompa.

beat the shit out of her

Sun_Kissed18 25

That will definitely solve all of her problems. OP, sorry your step mom hates your bf :/

She could at least tell you. I can picture them both yelling at each other, "WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME???"

what a terrible stepmother I would have yelled hell at her if my stepmom did that.

I'm first yay stupid pedo bears!!!! I win a million dollars for refreshing the page 40897 times yay!!! oh god snickerdoodles should be here soon.

you're. not. first :).

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not even close


They should ban every mofo that comments first, eventually they'll get sick of making new accounts.

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90, How is being gay an insult?... Just because we are different does not mean we are bad... Fuck the Homophobes :)

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thank you 119 :)

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114* x.x omg I need sleep. big time. LOL