By *facefloor* - 24/07/2012 20:08 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I got into a heated argument at a house party. To avoid a huge scene, I pulled her into another room, during which I managed to trip over my feet and faceplant the floor. She shouted, "Hah! That's what you get!" Now everyone thinks she beat the shit out of me. FML
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every1luvsboners 11

That means now you can play the sympathy card to get a couple BJ's. Stretch that shit out for as long as you can.

Sounds like you guys need a vacation. Have a nice trip!


You could've.. y'know... waited till the party was over before arguing

talinatr 1

Better to find out you two don't get along when she's just your girlfriend, not your wife or fiancé!

29 - many/most/all couples have 'heated arguments' at some point, doesn't mean they aren't right for each other.

1221jamw 11

Meh you can't really help it when arguments happen, doesn't mean that they are not good for eachother or a bad couple, just means they disagreed on something. The fact that he fell and she made a remark was just out of anger, so for us to assume she's a bad girlfriend or that they are not a good couple is very stupid. EDIT- 42 beat me to this..

10, the point of replying to a comment is to actually reply.

gmc_blossom 21

42- For a second, I thought your name was "UberHaxorNova." Like that one epic dude on YouTube. Then I realised it wasn't. O.o

83, you're a closed minded hypocrite. you cant even see both sides of a story. so much for empathy huh?

EDIT i meant 82.. i hate when im being smart ass and screw it up. damn.

You won't* agree on everything. It just doesn't work that way, every so often shit emerges and you get over it. That's what part of it is about, seeing what's in someone other than some of the defects

1- Your own picture is frowning down on your overused comment.

131, you're trying way too hard to explain this. Big and smart words don't make you a big and smart boy. OP had an argument with his girlfriend. He probably wanted to move to a private area to avoid causing a big scene in front of everyone (it says they're at a house party) he accidentally fell and his girlfriend thought he deserved it. Eeeaaassyyy

hey, 131, go away. why are you arguing in public? that's trashy remember?

134- I agree with everything you said. You stated it perfectly. :)

At least it didn't wind up looking like she beat the shit out of you

*like you beat the shit out of her :-P

Sinamoi 18

I'm guessing you just kinda said "**** it" to that last sentence in the FML.

"Now everybody thinks she beat the shit out of me"

I'm guessing you kinda said "**** it" to reading the comment where i corrected it.

Sinamoi 18

That comment was also posted right after yours. Check the times buddy.

zombiebombatron 6
Sinamoi 18

Hey, I only troll when it's necessary. This was just a time thing. If I had seen his correction, then all would have been dandy, but my comment was already posted before his was visable to me. I take responsibility for that. :P

every1luvsboners 11

That means now you can play the sympathy card to get a couple BJ's. Stretch that shit out for as long as you can.

the BJ's don't necessarily have to be from the girlfriend...

YakuzaxGeneralz 9

76. its funny because nobody even asked you

kroekdog 7

Good ******* lord you get annoying quickly.

Finally, I'm first for the first time!!!!!! :() :)))))

Op's girlfriend will not feel any sympathy, in fact, she's probably mad at him.

every1luvsboners 11

Zen, shut-up you pretentious twat. If I want to jump to conclusions in my comment, I will. All of my comments have to include one of the words "BJ, rim-job, glory-hole, blow me, **** you. It's a prerequisite to my contract with FML.

Are fellatios the solution to every man's problems?

pretty much... it's like girls eating chocolate or ice cream

Yes yes they are. "are fellatios the solution to every mans problems?"

No, 49, it's beer... Beer is the cause and answer to all of life's problems, including alcoholism, and even that is debatable

I bet his ego hit the floor after that incident

97, I'm very glad to see this "awkward science" put to good use lol

Sounds like you guys need a vacation. Have a nice trip!

People always find it funny when a man gets beat up by a woman. Don't worry, it'll blow over soon. At least it relieved tension between you and your girlfriend.

If the girl tripped and guy said that, he'd be an abusive prick.

Consider yourself lucky it didn't come to that. She probably was planning on it anyways..

These are the types of girls that DESERVE to be embarrassed by a big scene. ******' bitch.

missyfiona89 28

She probably said, "that's what you get", because she's angry and op's a klutz. And oh, I dare u to embarrass bitch. You know what they say, "payback's a bitch. Esp when the one dealing it out is a bitch".

After the first sentence, I couldn't understand anything you said due to bad grammar.

missyfiona89 28

Oops. What I meant was, "I dare you to embarrass a bitch".

I've done it before. Plenty of times in school. Let's just say I don't like it when bitches throw shit at me. Don't get mad, get even!

missyfiona89 28

Well, there had to be a reason why they threw shit at u.

MustangGirl72 9

You must not know school girls. They can be real bitchy even if you don't do anything.

Probably because of the obnoxious squeaking.

missyfiona89 28

In Asia, we always have a reason for picking on someone. It may not be legit, but at least there's one. Lol.

50, you just proved him right. "it may not be a legit reason, but it's a reason to have a go at them."

Her actions here would define whether or not she's a bitch. If she went along with it trying to embarrass him then yes, she is a bitch. If she tried to support you on it then she's absolutely done nothing wrong.

At least it didn't wind up looking like you beat the shit out of her...

Canucksftw24 6

Yet its helarious when it looks like she beat the shit out of him... Am I the only one who thinks theres a problem with this?

No you're not...and it's spelled "hilarious"

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I guess it depends how you pulled her. If you were angry and jerked her into the other room, YDI. My dad's an abusive asshole and does shit like that to me. But...I do have to admit, it's pretty funny that you faceplanted.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I also don't mean to sound like a whiny bitch. I'm just trying to see it from all perspectives. I don't see why people are saying to break up with her. They were just having an argument, and, hey, doesn't everyone say shit they end up regretting during a fight?

Sinamoi 18

I usually end arguments by striping down to my underwear and dragging my ass across the ground. Seems to solve things rather quickly.

Hiimhaileypotter 52


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