By *facefloor* - United States
Today, my girlfriend and I got into a heated argument at a house party. To avoid a huge scene, I pulled her into another room, during which I managed to trip over my feet and faceplant the floor. She shouted, "Hah! That's what you get!" Now everyone thinks she beat the shit out of me. FML
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  1221jamw  |  11

Meh you can't really help it when arguments happen, doesn't mean that they are not good for eachother or a bad couple, just means they disagreed on something. The fact that he fell and she made a remark was just out of anger, so for us to assume she's a bad girlfriend or that they are not a good couple is very stupid.

EDIT- 42 beat me to this..

  _Oblivion_  |  12

You won't* agree on everything. It just doesn't work that way, every so often shit emerges and you get over it. That's what part of it is about, seeing what's in someone other than some of the defects

  Snazzy_Snaz  |  17

131, you're trying way too hard to explain this. Big and smart words don't make you a big and smart boy. OP had an argument with his girlfriend. He probably wanted to move to a private area to avoid causing a big scene in front of everyone (it says they're at a house party) he accidentally fell and his girlfriend thought he deserved it. Eeeaaassyyy

  Sinamoi  |  18

Hey, I only troll when it's necessary. This was just a time thing. If I had seen his correction, then all would have been dandy, but my comment was already posted before his was visable to me. I take responsibility for that. :P


Zen, shut-up you pretentious twat. If I want to jump to conclusions in my comment, I will. All of my comments have to include one of the words "BJ, rim-job, glory-hole, blow me, fuck you. It's a prerequisite to my contract with FML.

  missyfiona89  |  28

She probably said, "that's what you get", because she's angry and op's a klutz.
And oh, I dare u to embarrass bitch. You know what they say, "payback's a bitch. Esp when the one dealing it out is a bitch".

  downtime  |  12

Her actions here would define whether or not she's a bitch. If she went along with it trying to embarrass him then yes, she is a bitch. If she tried to support you on it then she's absolutely done nothing wrong.

By  Hiimhaileypotter  |  52

I guess it depends how you pulled her. If you were angry and jerked her into the other room, YDI. My dad's an abusive asshole and does shit like that to me. But...I do have to admit, it's pretty funny that you faceplanted.


I also don't mean to sound like a whiny bitch. I'm just trying to see it from all perspectives.

I don't see why people are saying to break up with her. They were just having an argument, and, hey, doesn't everyone say shit they end up regretting during a fight?