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  Welshite  |  39

There is a possibility it's done for protection too. For example, maybe the OP is harassing or threatening her sister. We don't know, and it's presumptive to make conclusions about controlling behavior. There are two sides to every story.

  tigerisabelle  |  31

Sure, that's a possibility #4, but if that were true, it seems more likely that the sister would have blocked OP, not her husband. Also, it seems like the way this is worded, the sister didn't know that her husband had blocked the number.

  fallenshadow16  |  25

It could also have been a joke that just went too far. And maybe like the other person said he did it for her protection. Sometimes we won't to see the good in others, especially our family and maybe the wife of the husband wouldn't block her sister so he did it to protect her. If it is a control thing a talk is 100% needed

By  ksks1234  |  33

I obviously do not have the full story, but be sure to check up with your sister. Abusers often isolate their victims from family. I hope it is nothing this serious and everything works out.

By  emil3572  |  5

My daughters dirtbag now ex talked her into moving out with my grandbaby. He ended up taking about $3000 of my stuff with him including cleaning out my stand up freezer. Also never held a job the 15 mo that he lives in my home. Said if I wanted him gone I had to evict him since longer than 30 days.
Anyways back on point. I gave my daughter her phone back which I had taken since I pay for it. I told her I wanted to hear from her every few days and to send pics of the baby. I heard from her the first day but nothing for over 2 months. I even sent the cops to make sure she was ok.

Well luckily she finally got smart and called me to come get her to bring her and the baby home. Which of course I did.

When we replaced her phone which he had stolen from her and I would send her messages she wouldn't get them. Well dirtbag went into the phone and blocked me. Turned off location services so I couldn't find her. Then just found out he did this to some other girl. Not good.


He's a control freak. Limiting the amount of detractors to his BS makes it less likely she will leave him. This is a common abusive tactic.

They want to make sure no one is around to validate their victim's feelings. It's easier to attack someone who lacks protection from others whether it is physical or emotional or psychological harm.