By justmylife - 21/08/2010 04:05 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of 3 years called my house even though I was with him at the time. He needed to talk to my mom. He asked her to break up with me for him. FML
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that's so pathetic! he needs to grow up and grow some...

baby_gurl2405 0

Well then maybe hun, you should call his house and ask his dad to let him know he's a douche.


Haha what a dickless bastard! OP, seriously, if hasn't even got the balls to break up with you in a decent way you are WAY better off...

americuzz 8

wow what a douche!! don't worry op if he doesn't even have the balls to break up with u on the phone then you don't deserve him. I suggest u call him and tell him how great the sex was and at the last second say " o crap wrong number!" :))

I bet ur mom was happy about it.But it's alright just find another douche bag.It's easy.

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so did you call his dad and ask him to beat him?

sports_chic 6

wat a coward! why couldn't he just say it to ur face!??

BehindTheSun 2

Because then it wouldn't be an FML, thus leaving me one story about someone else's pain short to laugh about, duh.

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hahah I was thinking the same thing behindthesun. AW hamburgers, that sucks. GET PAYBACK: it involves a golf club, his sac, a hard ass swing and him screaming why once u walk away.GOOD LUCK

Maybe because she would make a big scene, or be all clingy and stuff. Just saying: that could be part of the problem.

BehindTheSun 2

I think the message in the story is that he's clearly in lack of a sack. (Did anyone else notice that rhyme???)

ucofresh 4

Nice word choice xSti... Assuming by your lack of intelligent word flow you're about to turn twelve? Learn some proper grammar and your comments might in fact be looked at with a little more than disgust.

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Wow. Someone has that stick WAY up there. Calm down, that comment wasn't necessary. Just unclench the sphincter and take a few deep breaths.

ucofresh 4

Stick way up there? Wow.. Who was even talking to you? Trust me... when we are inclined to ask for a childish opinion we'll be sure to give you shout. Until then I suggest you mind your own business.

you posted on the INTERNET! it's all of our business now. go take a walk

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This is FML, buddy. You want to talk about stocks and politics? Not the right site. You posted an incredibly rude, demeaning, and arrogant comment. It would have been wrong to allow it to pass with addressing it. Now if you will, kindly remove yourself from this site until you can play nice.

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Indeed, even if OP is the craziest of crazy bitches thats still no reason to use mom as a middle-man

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It's better tahn a text from the bathroom " bring me some TP and you're dead to me" hah

ucofresh 4

Haha.. One of my girlfriends had her boyfriend, the father of her 2 children, come home from work, go to the upstairs bathroom and breakup with her via text message. She was devastated. He was a pussy ass, wet rag. Men like that are disgusting. And for the record, "girlfriend" is meaning one of my friends who happens to have a set of XX chromosomes.

ROFL wow, you're better off without him OP.

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Tell that bitch of a boyfriend to man up and grow a set. Sorry OP FYL.