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Today, my new friend and I went out to a concert. When we came back to her house, she ran upstairs and left me alone. Suddenly, a naked man came into my view and I stared at him horrified. Great way to meet her Dad. FML
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  yamatelle  |  19

Option 1: "Great to MEAT you, sir! I have head...ahem heard so much about you"

Option 2: stare back and say "that's it? Water it and maybe it will grow"

Option 3: run!

  YFDIOP  |  0

Dads FML: After having sex with my wife, I went to turn the tv off. I walked into the living room butt naked to find one of my daughters friends. Now my daughter thinks I'm a creepy rapist. I can't convince her otherwise FML

  HannahForbesxo  |  13

Oh I love this game; "Let's name random things worse than what actually happened"! I choose, "well at least you didn't walk in on him running around naked covered in baby oil with the rest of the family chasing him".

  Stealthed  |  8

That's kinda sick to be thinking that, however I'm thankful you didn't say it was her mum "anally ramming" her husband... Because that'd clearly be an awkward sight as well as somewhat disturbing!