By noooo - 08/08/2011 07:10 - United States

Today, my new friend and I went out to a concert. When we came back to her house, she ran upstairs and left me alone. Suddenly, a naked man came into my view and I stared at him horrified. Great way to meet her Dad. FML
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heartbrakej 0

dad: "great way to meet daughters new friend"

She was initiating you for their tribal nudist ways


heartbrakej 0

dad: "great way to meet daughters new friend"

it's a great way to just "put yourself out there."

Dad: "Join the Party!"

Pixxio_O 11

Look at bright side.... Free porn?

Hey that may be disturbing but my friends dad used to mow his lawn naked! Now THAT was disturbing!!

yamatelle 19

Option 1: "Great to MEAT you, sir! I have head...ahem heard so much about you" Option 2: stare back and say "that's it? Water it and maybe it will grow" Option 3: run!

that's exactly how i met my girlfriend's dad

yamatelle 19

I forgot, Option 4: "That's a clean circumcision."

eminemchick 19

f his life!

26 - Which lawn did he mow naked?

Was he happy to meet you?

Did you two talk about what ever popped up?

To ruin the joke: Did he have a boner?

Lol 68, the outside grass, not his male lawn, that would be even more disturbing lol


Dads FML: After having sex with my wife, I went to turn the tv off. I walked into the living room butt naked to find one of my daughters friends. Now my daughter thinks I'm a creepy rapist. I can't convince her otherwise FML

Haven't you heard? The Naked Man works 2/3 times!

And he was bigger than him. That's the real FML

heartbrakej 0

watch the throne!!

ters19 10

what's up with you and anal you posted that on the fml above

The throne is for stop signs.

heartbrakej 0

14, so you'd better watch it!

2- op is a girl, dumbass

Well, technically, he is bigger then HER, but it still doesn't make the FML more of an FML. -_-

No shit he's bigger than her, thanks for the comment idiot

"She ran upstairs and left me alone." Good friend.

She went upstairs and used the cup phone to talk to her dad and say to greet her in the nude.

her friend was setting them up.

Did you just return from a BNL concert?

wiredream 0

that must have been pretty disturbing :I

She was initiating you for their tribal nudist ways

Every Saturday night each each stark naked member participates in The Hunt.

Scarred for life.

dyble95 0

Lol, your pic is awesome! One of my favorite cat pics with text I have seen.

ters19 10

at least it wasn't a vicious dog that happend to me once

At least you didn't walk on him anally ramming his wife!

Oh I love this game; "Let's name random things worse than what actually happened"! I choose, "well at least you didn't walk in on him running around naked covered in baby oil with the rest of the family chasing him".

Sweej 1

I'm starting to think you like the things that you post as "bad", Marinus...

yo kid what with you and anal

That's kinda sick to be thinking that, however I'm thankful you didn't say it was her mum "anally ramming" her husband... Because that'd clearly be an awkward sight as well as somewhat disturbing!

gmc_blossom 21

I want to play. At least she didn't walk in on the dad anally ramming her friend! Oh..ewe.

Shouldn't have stared .

And the dad just stood there and let you stare becausseeeeee?

To teach him a lesson on what aging does to the body

Exactly!! what did he like the attention? wtf

Killuhk 8

OP's friend forgot to mention that her dad was single and ready to mingle with the ladies..bow chick wow wow ;)