By uHazFailedTotall - 03/03/2010 21:18 - Norway

Today, I managed to fall face-first into a used condom. FML
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uHazFailedTotall tells us more.

my brother pushed me, and I tripped into the snow, where there was an used condom.

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...while someone was using it.

How the hell do you fall face first into a condom? They are not even big enough to faceplant into.


tweetbaby14 18

ok I'll say this one more time ahem... NO ONE GIVES A FLYING FUCK IF YOURE FIRST SECOND OR THIRD OK SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! thank you and OP yup that's gross

ok kids thts say first u must really hav no lives waiting to say first on every FML.. pls just go get a life

must I explain the sarcasm...

calm down... p.m.s.

tweetbaby14 18

I am calm it's just the annoying dipshits that think it's cool to be first or whatever other number are literally on every fml I go on and it's retarted

I think people say first to see the kind of reaction they get. I doubt that they really think it's cool. How did you manage to do that? haha

^^^^ur 51..... anyways r u still drunk cuz we had sex last night

no he's not but I am

@#21 you must give a fuck to take the time out to write such a wasteful comment about it o.o Anywho back to the FML at hand... Ewwwwy -in Cleveland's voice- that's just naasty >.<

Oh great, thanks Person1233, now I'm curious about said semen color.

#21, obviously you care if your freaking out about it. haha

did you finally wrestle your brother's used condom back from your dog?

And you obviously have amazing breasts.

that totally gives a new meaning to the word "facial"

now that must have been a crazy night ;)

50 you have tards?? haha

today I got put onto a penis, then crammed into a vag, rubbed around for a while, then peeled off, thrown on the floor, and fallen onto. fml.

see op, it gets worse^^^

@55 do u still have my number??? u want more of me??? feels gud ehh? {----: that's not a smiley face... it's my hole and ur stick ;-)

i care if they r first so fuck off

That is really gross...

people saying no one cares and shit for saying first he didn't even say it so you all FAIL.

lol, "flying fuck...". that made me laugh pretty hard. OP: congrats! cept I fell into a dildo once... >.<

first? mother f***er I lost again

to my above comment I fail cause my iPod lagged out and used first from another fml.

Did you swallow?

I give flying fucks #21

u pervet guy in sunglasses all I said was what

I don't think he was referring to your comment.

reply to first

aidsssss. 8=====}~~~~~~~~ {0}

well im not a kid. i said first to piss u off. it worked. thanks loser!

@21,23 WHO THE HELL R U TALKIN TO??? No one said first....Wrong fml  next time read better plz

Did it taste good? Did you swallow? Bet it was your first time swallowing right?

tweetbaby14 18

actually it said first when I posted it EARLIER dumbasses.

YDI for not throwing it away when you were finished! Sugarbaby, love the new pic!

yea @144, ur the one who needs to read better, look at the FIRST, it says FIRST dumbass

it did say first the mods erased it. and tweetbaby stfu hahah

thanks eddiepaints haha

sugar...dayuuum girl is fiiine...

113 you fail for calling her breasties "airbags"

lesbian much purplemnm

what Is OP, YDI and FYL!?!?!?!

op: original poster. ydi: you deserve it. fyl: fuck your life. doritos viralocity!! watch it!! best video evvver!!

dude. who cares if they say it. don't be an asshole

is that really you

tweetbaby14 18

and sugarbaby shut up and go tell your grandchildren about the old days when gas cost a paper clip and 2 rubber bands.

91 ur hilatiuos

how does the fuck fly? is it a roflcopter?

you are attracive

178 I'm bi...

million dollar shot right there

WTF I WAS WONDERING WHERE MY COMMENT WENT.....Y have comments been movin from fml to fml  I posted that comment on another one where #1 actually DIDNT say first yet people were bitchiness about it

bitching* (typo on last comment) don't u just hate that 

tweetbaby14 18

you damn old ugly ass whoreish oompa loompa(sugarbaby) don't say my name ever I'll catch your oompa loompa whore disease

wwoahh haha fml is gettin naughtyyyyy hahaha

haha u tell dat ho show her whos boss hahahah

sugar baby is pretty ;)

Please, look at your profile picture and tell me 1 thing that looks like a fag.

today a plastic bag was covered over my head while suffocating me i was being pounded into a dark hole. a white substance almost drowned me i was then slipped into tight pants and left there for the rest of the day in the heat FML.

Bahahahahahahahahaha SUCKKAAA

i was thinking the same thing! lol like rlly? how does someone manage to do such a thing

176, you fail foe calling them "breasties" being cutesy makes you look like a 7 year old

Comment of the year, congratulations. That is disgusting, sorry that happened to you OP

hopefuly he was wearing it

In Soviet Russia, condom falls on you.

hahahahaha! 98, you're awesome.

This is in desperate need of a follow up.

How the hell do you fall face first into a condom? They are not even big enough to faceplant into.

haha thats what i was thinking.

Wow this made me laugh... Just know your theory is valid only for the average sized condom :-P

lol haha ikr how do u do that

...while someone was using it.

dude it was only vanilla pudding

umm wow. youve just got a used condom laying around. from what it souns like, its probably not yours, so I hope your a girl.

that is so gross!