By NotFamily - 22/03/2021 19:59

Today, my boyfriend blocked me on Facebook. He said he's restricting it to only close family and cousins. He doesn't understand why I'm upset. FML
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Major red flag in my opinion

Sady_Ct 37

Close friends and family, and his new girlfriend.


He's a bright one. Did you explain to him that dating is basically a series of tryouts to see who's worthy of being promoted into the family?

Major red flag in my opinion

I’m hoping that you mean ex-boyfriend.

He clearly has something to hide. Liberate yourself from pain and move away from him. He made it easier by ostracizing you from FB. Move on from this bullshit.

Sady_Ct 37

Close friends and family, and his new girlfriend.

I think you mean “ex-boyfriend”.

Boyfriend for how long? If it is very recent, I could understand. But still it's kinda strange? Do the same and block him, see how he reacts. I would also ask his other friends, like in a nonchalant way, cause they should be blocked too with that logic right? If they aren't blocked as well, red flag.

Tammy Gabb 5

He is hiding something or someone

Does he know he’s your boyfriend?

Are you upset because you're not your boyfriend's cousin?