By Kiki - 08/03/2013 21:22 - Poland - Myslenice

Today, my boyfriend came over and dropped off my phone, which I'd left at his place the night before. He immediately left in a sulk. As I looked through my texts, I discovered he was only so moody because I hadn't answered any of his calls or messages. I'm dating an idiot. FML
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How didn't he realize that he had your phone?

crap1crap2crap3 7

Hey now, men go through hormonal changes too.


crap1crap2crap3 7

Hey now, men go through hormonal changes too.

SmallyBigs 9

He was upset that some guy kept texting you, with the exact same name as his.

How didn't he realize that he had your phone?

You do realize that MAYBE just maybe he called and sent all those texts before he found the phone could have been on silent...

You do realise that MAYBE just MAYBE he's still an idiot for continuing to be angry at her after finding her phone

psychogirl101 6

Or maybe, just maybe.... He saw something on her phone that made him unhappy. If something doesn't make sense, look for another solution.

Maybe he did. But was sad that he couldn't contact her within the time period he had the phone? ):

crap1crap2crap3 7

I was thinking that he was texting and calling OP and got mad that she wasn't answering, then found her phone and was mad at himself. That's just me.

Bubbelz 25

Could be 72! I waited to see how long it'd take someone in this reply thread thingy to come up with that. Although if it was me, I'd apologize for stupid, angry and worried texts I may have sent. So I decided he may just be a plain dumbass, after all.

jojimugo 20

Please do us a favor and hold off mating .... For a long time and if the situation does not improve Don't mate with him

Stupid AND high-maintenance. Definitely a keeper!

Well, he needs a well oiled engine and monthly tire rotations. Yikes.

I don't want to be rude, but he's pretty dumb.

stevenJB 25

That's pretty rude. Even if the truth. (>.

I wonder if he was holding your phone in one hand, and calling you with his phone while it was in his other hand?

Well, doing one pretty stupid thing once doesn't really prove you are an idiot. I sometimes look for my phone while on a call, or similar silly things absent-minded. Unless he is a multiple offender?

Well it is still pretty idiotic considering the fact that he was mad at OP for not answering him even after finding her phone. I mean who does that??

He's a keeper NO I'm just KIAdding dump his sorry ass

BellaBelle_fml 23

Why dump him over something so trivial as this? He isn't a cheater. He isn't abusive in any way. And he isn't a substance abuser. As far as we know at least. He merely made a mistake. A rather silly mistake, but a mistake nonetheless. He did nothing to warrant a break up.

zingline89 18

You tried way too hard to slip Nokia in there.

yoursucklives 36

congrats, you just combined two shitty and overused comments and made it even more shitty.