By Anonymous - 25/12/2010 07:11 - United States

Today, I was taking a leak in the mall bathroom. A kid no older than thirteen strolled in and paused next to me at the urinals. He took one look and laughed, "I feel sorry for your wife, man." All I could do was stand there as he casually disappeared into one of the stalls. FML
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thesunsetglow_fml 8

You should have peed on him.

rofflewaffle 9

Hopefully you're just a grower, not a shower. At least you don't go around looking at other dudes' dicks like that kid.


thesunsetglow_fml 8

You should have peed on him.

kids say the darndest things

shiv0323 0

im a kid and they are really imature

ayleyyasuko 0

he was probably going to say that to anyone who was in there no matter what their junk size was. babyteen kids think that stuff is funny. no worries, OP. if nothing else, your wife probably thinks you have a bombastic personality despite your Weimar.

No he shoulda grabbed him by the back of his head, inserted his mini penis into his mouth, and finished peeing.

chelsea2388 0

wow lol

47- my friend's father did that to him. the father got in jail for 2 years. and btw ur pp is gay, looks like bruno -_-

MariahB 0

hahah heck yes!

Well I think it says something that he had to go into a stall to pee. I'm assumeing he peed.

Just wait till it gets hard

rofflewaffle 9

Hopefully you're just a grower, not a shower. At least you don't go around looking at other dudes' dicks like that kid.

yea that kid must have been gay, straight guys do everything they can to keep from seeing another guys stuff.

dudeitsdanny 9

^^^ Not really. That sounds like a closet case, hahaha. I don't look at other guys' dicks, but I don't close my eyes when I go into a bathroom or lockerroom, or when I watch a movie that happens to have male nudity. Seeing a dick won't kill me or make me gay, lol.

Protip: "not closing your eyes" and "staring at a guy's dick while he's pissing" aren't the same thing.

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Woah he broke the urinal rule, never look down. Kids these days...

That kid will be gay I know it

TungstenLildog 10

He was going to say that no matter who was in there when he walked in.

pedosmurf 7

Not if the guy was black

probably a dare

dickamaru 0

nope it's the retardation of that kid

do him in the ass

xavier1623 4


lmao thats funny

this comment makes it so much better

just imagine the kids gay and he screams, "OH YESSSSSSS!!!!"

xavier1623 4

Mine? xD

xMegan96 0


That would be rape since it wouldn't be consensual. Wtf dude?

KebbyWebby 9

That’s some pedofile/rapist ass shit! You need your head checked out.

The kid's just self-conscious. He didn't have the balls to whip it out for a full size comparison. My Rule: If you're going to make fun of someone's size, you have to prove yours is bigger first.

I didn't think the same applied to the prepubescent and early adolescent?

RKftw 0

it is a prank because most people can't stop peeing

Why was he looking at your dick anyway?! Beware, he may have got your wife to leave you so he could have you...

ckjacques53198 0

Getting crap from an emo teenager. He would have said that to anyone that was there. Kids need to fear a beat down.

I must of missed the part where it says the kid is an emo.

hawty12345 0

wow..stop judging people like that. not every teenager is emo and you shouldnt just throw that out there...the FML never said the teenager was emo anyway.

lol I took a pic of me in that same headband at rue21