By Anonymous - / Saturday 25 December 2010 07:11 / United States
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  shiv0323  |  0

im a kid and they are really imature

  ayleyyasuko  |  0

he was probably going to say that to anyone who was in there no matter what their junk size was. babyteen kids think that stuff is funny. no worries, OP. if nothing else, your wife probably thinks you have a bombastic personality despite your Weimar.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

^^^ Not really. That sounds like a closet case, hahaha. I don't look at other guys' dicks, but I don't close my eyes when I go into a bathroom or lockerroom, or when I watch a movie that happens to have male nudity. Seeing a dick won't kill me or make me gay, lol.

By  SabyTheDevil  |  0

too bad ur older then him, u could have slapped him and maybe make his wiener smaller

By  DoubleEdgedBlade  |  4

The kid's just self-conscious. He didn't have the balls to whip it out for a full size comparison. My Rule: If you're going to make fun of someone's size, you have to prove yours is bigger first.

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