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Today, I was wrapping Christmas presents for my family. I got a huge paper cut on the webbing of my fingers, the pain of which caused me to scream out loud. My whole family heard and came rushing to my room. My grandma took one look, and scoffed, "Oh suck it the fuck up, princess." FML
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screaming. Was that necessary? You really crave attention.


I agree with your Grandpa. And YDI for living in Washington. Merry Christmas. :)

it was grandma not grandpa dummie, AND what's up with all the fmls with grandparents this week.

dumarse? just say dumbass. you damn pussy

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Hey hey hey, paper cuts hurt more then knife stabs.

They say arse in England...who's the dummy here hmm?

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Damn, did England recapture part of the US? They should have taken Washington DC instead of Washington State. But then that would have been F Englands Life.

thebigj98 - actually, 'dumbarse' is how we spell it in australia and probably a lot of other countries too.

just because the FML appeared today does not mean it was posted today...

Why don't we all have a pity party for OP.

For all the OP's with their rude grandparents! It would be such a win party :D

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I like ur profile pic .. I'm not trying to be creepy lol

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your picture is sickk ..... ditto , ditto ...

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✯ *./ * .* .*♫*. , • '*♥* ' • , '*• ♫♫♫•*' ' *, • ' ♫ ' • ,* ' ' * • ♫ *♥* ♫• * ' * , • Merry' • , * ' * ' •♫♫*♥*♫♫ • ' * ' ' ' • Christmas . • ' ' ' ' ' • ♫♫♫*♥*♫♫♫• * ' ' .x♥x ♥

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I agree with grandma, next time you shout out from excruciating pain, make sure someone is there to give a dam.

Hey, a cut on the webbing of your fingers is painful.

Your grandma has a foul mouth. What happened to sweet little old ladies?

no sweet little old lady would pass up a chance to do that. sounds like something my grandma would say to anyone in my family lol

What happened to women wanting to look respectable and be taken seriously, instead of looking like ******?

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screaming. Was that necessary? You really crave attention.

Maybe screaming wasn't necessary, but on the webbing of your hand? Damn that's gotta hurt

Someone reflexively screams and you call them attention seeking? Yeah, I bet you can totally control your reflexes! You're so right!

0opsie 6

YDI. There was no reason to scream loud enough that your whole family thought there was something seriously wrong. I would've told you the same thing.

Exactly. The proper response would've been to murmur "oooh, aaaah" repeatedly while holding the hurt area.

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Peter Griffin that bitch ^^ haha

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Peter Griffin that bitch ^^ haha