By hardee fucking har yourself, sir - 07/08/2013 22:00 - United Kingdom - Stockport

Today, a guy started taking a leak beside me at the urinal. Evidently he figured he wasn't being enough of a cockbite, because he looked at my junk, laughed, "HAH!" then broke down into hysterics and totally lost control of his stream. I smell like piss. FML
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That's when you're allowed to legally beat the tar out of him.

myoukei 31

*Insert a string of pissed off/on puns here.*


myoukei 31

*Insert a string of pissed off/on puns here.*

Op must be pissed off. I'd say urine trouble, but that would be a pissy thing to do. I mean what kind of yellow belly would do that

I'm sorry for all of you peace makers, but I would have thrown him on the ground and put my banana on his face and said "My daddy told me ain't no reason to be ashamed of my banana." Get up, leave.

Better to be pissed off, then on. This is where grammar matters.

dbt88 15

43- I'd rather just be pissed off and never pissed on, whether it be before or after being angered.

Oh #43 - you speak of grammar, but then......this grammar you speak of, do you even know what it is?

Misaki18 17

@33 "oh dear god **** yeah" *blows off smoke from his nostrils*

That's when you're allowed to legally beat the tar out of him.

That should be a rule if some one takes a pee on you. You should be able to beat the tar out of him

That's a bit much. I vote he beat the creosote out of him.

Spider_Web 11

I think that's overkill if you beat him until you notice tar seeping out. Might be there a while

This is a legit reason to kick him in the face repeatedly.

Well hopefully you returned the favor and pissed on him.

Would that be the beginning of some nasty ****?

O.e That..... will be forever burned into the back of my mind.

Or of a cockfight. Yes, visualize it. Let that image sink deep into your imagination. xd

To be fair, a cockfight is something you could see in a nasty **** film.

hcollins1 18

Well, we know who the pyromaniac of the FML community is now.

I would've been.... pissed off. *dontkillme*

Dav later drowned in a mysterious accident.

hcollins1 18

We may not want to 6, but be careful with commenter 5. If you happen to see fire, run!

I hope you either A pissed on him back, or B beat the shit out of him.

Add in a camera and you have watersports, B&M AND gay **** in one huge mess in the bathroom

I don't think plan B is a good idea, since OP would up smelling like feces, as well.

Well, did you punch him in the face? This would be one of those times where I would be okay with that.

ballettillidie 8

Urine quite a bad situation...

What a jerk...usually dividers are there for a bit of privacy...which was violated...