By reedcarter - 04/12/2012 02:14

Today, while I was at a urinal, a man came up to use the one next to me. He then said, "I guess this is where all the dicks hang out." He then stared at me until I left. FML
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He thinks he's punny, eh? Don't worry, people make ri-dick-ulous comments all the time OP!~

That man is hilarious... And a bit creepy.


He thinks he's punny, eh? Don't worry, people make ri-dick-ulous comments all the time OP!~

Better to be pissed off than pissed on, I might add.

iarefatal 9

To be honest he sounds like a prick.

Inheritance 10

I would've said, "Yep that's why I'm leaving."

klol_fml 11

Urine a lot of trouble now.

BunchieRules 31

35 - Or, urinal-ot of trouble.

If he would have laughed this wouldn't have been an Fml at all. But the fact he was serious about it makes that situation extremely weird hah.

That man is hilarious... And a bit creepy.

I not sure, but I think that was a failed attempt at a pickup line.

I'm sure he was just playin with him which is ridickulous bc everyone knows its always a sausage fest in there he should've played right back for shits and giggles ...but cum again I dnt usually recommend playing gay chicken with strangers in a public restroom unprotected

Dafuq did I just read?

48- you're going to write in your about you that " you don't like people that say yolo, swag" and other things. Yet you continue to say "dafuq".... Wow, what a tool....

A bit creepy???

As long as he was staring at your face and not... in a downwards direction...

countrygirl626 16

I'm sure it would be just as awkward either way.

What a dick-head. You should've said: "Piss off!"

Man code has been broken.

jojimugo 20

Alert the elders

The Council has spoken. Death to the blasphemist.

I think of this every time someone tries talking to me in the men's room.

whats the problem? hes just making a true statement

A true... Awkward statement

It's not the statement that makes it an FML, it's the starring....

I use that joke all the time when urinals are full, haha. He was just staring to help the OP go easier.

At least he's true. He didn't say it was where all the vaginas hang out, did he? But yes, very awkward. I hoped you got the fuck out of there very quickly!

RvidxrKlvn 8

Worst image ever

Haha, I'm sorry for blinding you! :(

Should've said.."I SEE that..."

oj101 33

Dang. What a *dickhead* thing to say. I hope he didn't *peeve* you off too much. What a *bellend*. That would have *pissed* me off too.

You really need to put the *puns* in asterisks?

He's trying really hard.

tsent8 15

Speaking of hard

Yeah, you must be looking for a stall, they are for the assholes...