By Frozen - 10/03/2014 14:23 - United States

Today, the heater went out at work. I was shivering so hard that someone thought I was having a seizure. FML
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Fake one that way you can go to that nice heated hospital and get out of work

Now you know how northern Canadians feel...


Fake one that way you can go to that nice heated hospital and get out of work

I've never known hospitals to be warm.

pwnman 33

Exactly they aren't warm. My dad is in the hospital dying from hepatitis B and it's so cold there! The vent gives cool air...

Knightchaser27 25

But at least at the hospital OP will have blankets

maggiefox 25

Going to the hospital isn't too helpful for seizures. I have epilepsy and after my first seizure all they did was send me home and say to check into getting a neurologist.

I know this was a joke, but this is illegal.

Way to spoil things.

Now you know how northern Canadians feel...

Yeah! I agree sir! Death to destiny!

its like 5 degrees right now for me, in central alberta. ****** awesome other than falling through snow that used to be frozen and packed

90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border. The rest live in Edmonton. Very few people live in "northern" Canada. Granted, it still gets much colder than most places in the US even a few miles north of the border.

epilepticloh 20

Lool it's a little bit colder here in mtl Quebec .we got a lively -5 degrees -_-

There are about 20 000 people in yellowknife and about 30 000 in whitehorse. True, that's not much, but they're much more North than Edmonton. Plus all the towns and small cities that are far from the border. The major cities are usually close to the border (though even Calgary is over 100 miles away), but Canadians don't all live in major cities.

Seize your opportunity and have your oscar winning performance to get out of work..

Seize your or seizure? Could've been a great pun haha

Opportunity missed. :(

OP would have DiCaprio'd anyway

melacortez 11

Should if brought a jacket .. Sorry about the heater

OP obviously didnt expect the heater to break down

OP wasn't expecting for the heater to go down though.

I don't seize why this is an FML

Good luck on finding a jacket and a blanket OP!

ileenefudge 29

I'm sure someone will be able to help.

Always bring a jacket with you in the winter. You can always take it off if you're hot.

Where does it say it was winter?

#23: Technically, Winter officially ends March 20 in the US. Therefore, I think it's safe to say "winter".

To add, I highly doubt you shiver in summer, at least in the United States.

Sometimes you do up in the northeast. As a Rhode Islander, I can say there have been a few instances where I've needed a sweatshirt. It's not often though :o I forgot where I was going with this but yea. Poor OP, must have been damn cold inside for him to be shivering that hard.

38- I agree, I live in New York and I know how it can be! But enough to shiver that much in summer would be scary

Maybe op had a jacket on and was still freezing.

skyttlz 32

I'm in Washington and I have needed sweatshirts in the summer. I've even had to turn my heater on low.

You don't get payed enough for your job.

place blame on the "made in china" non polar capacitor that usually goes bad in HVAC units. hopefully it gets fixed soon!

byEyecandy 10

op next time bring a sweater