By BabyBeardy - Australia
Today, I stepped out of a bar in order to make a phone call. While I was outside, the bouncers arrived and ropes were put up. They wouldn't let me back in, claiming I was too young and they hadn't seen me come out. I was celebrating my 26th birthday, the legal drinking age is 18. I also have a beard. FML
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  krnmafia92  |  0

Screw ID's. Bouncers should just have a grab at your beard, see if it's authentic, and let you in the club. I mean, clearly, a beard denotes old age. If you ever get rid of your beard, you're temporarily fucked for R-rated movies right? and you can't have sex with people over 18 (it'd be statutory rape! No beard? Might as well be 12)? Got to let that shit grow or you can't drink or smoke legally.

  AeroChic777  |  4

Kids at my school grew beards when they were 13 and looked so much older than they were, so I can see how the bouncer may have thought he was under 18. The OP should have had their I.D. You can't trust people these days. Also, nice sarcasm #54. At least, I hope that's sarcasmXD

By  Sappheyes  |  0

Even with a beard, most places require ID to serve you alcohol. So, did you leave your wallet inside? If your friends are in there, call and ask them to bring it out. I assume there were friends, since you were celebrating a birthday. If you just didn't bring your ID at all, then YDI.

By  ParaplegicPony  |  0

What the fuck does having a beard have anything to do with anything. There are many kids in high school with potential to grow a full beard, and many who look like they're in their twenties. Obviously bars go by photo ID, not appearance. What did you expect? For them to just say "Oh well if you SAY you're not underage then of course you're not lying! Come on in!"