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  friedpwnadge  |  25

I was somehow blessed with 7.5 inches. My girlfriend also appreciates it.

  philbelfrage  |  13

25 - longer isn't necessarily better if you have the girth of a pencil, and I do not for one second believe that you have a girthy glunker. The ones who brag always seem to be the smallest.

  evan_7899  |  28

When I was 13 years old I had a 18 cm schlong which translates 8.5 inches roughly...I've got good genes but some people aren't as lucky .....sorry you had to encounter such a douche about the matter though

  Welshite  |  39

Mind his own business? He was!

He was obviously into the male enhancement industry and was just doing his job.

Take me for example: I'm an amateur breast inspector. Sure, I haven't actually found a job yet, and sometimes the slaps I receive are a thankless response, but I won't give up.