By ThoroughlyCreepedOut - 07/03/2010 00:22 - United States

Today, while in a public restroom, a man entered the stall next to me and began vigorously wanking. He finished quickly, but as he was leaving he peeped in at me through the crack in the stall door. FML
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oh my god, as if the wanking wasn't creepy enough...

I thought that only happened in airports?!


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yay for wankers!!

Total WTF situation.

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That is so creepy! x.x

my friend works in security at lord

u both sighed with releif at the end so wtf!!!

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@blitzen123, ur hot :D

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Why do people feel the need to do this in an extremely public place?

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sum ppl get off at public places. I think they are called exhibitionists..

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LoL, I laughed for a few minutes on this one. That's terribly messed up haha.

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that was me ;)

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Hope he suffers from Wanker's cramp, the most deadly of all British diseases.

That happened to me once. the guy was peering into my stall while he was doing it. he left when I threatened to kick his ass, cut his dick off, and make him eat it

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^^^^^ I would to ^^^^^

wanking, become a fan on facebook.

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91 watches"yu gi oh abrigded"

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91 watches"yu gi oh abrigded"

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91 watches"yu gi oh abrigded"

This will most likely be thumbed down;; you should've started masturbating to see what did.

oh my god, as if the wanking wasn't creepy enough...

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it's what big boys do when they get bored. simple and clean explanation.

Well, when a big boy and his right hand love each other VERY much....

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lmfao WIN!!!

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wanking is what brits call jacking off

@60 , I'm left-handed

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well... that sucks for you

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alegitninja= WIN

I'm left handed too, right handed high five.

It's a term for masturbation used by non-American English speakers. Americans just don't use the word "wank" in our vocabulary.

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87- Yet OP Is from America? And so am I and I knew what it was? ...

Go up to him and be like I saw you looking at my package, if you liked it so much give me a 20 and get another hunny and wink at him

Better yet beat the faggots ass!!

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yeah..... if he's not 6"8" 300lbs totally kick his ass.....if he isn't armed throw him a beat down....if he isn't your dad.

what does wanking mean in english ? isnt that a song by 50 cent ? so he was being a gangsta the stall next to you ? were you at a car dealership and did you buy anything.

50 Cent Song = Wanksta Wanking = Beating Your Meat

beating ur meat= masturbating

how could do that in a public restroom?sounds like a pervert to me....

I thought that only happened in airports?!

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And on airplanes, it's not illegal, it's just looked down upon.

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almost a Seinfeld win... "it's just frowned upon" :p

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Hangover win?

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"Thanks a lot bin laden" lol

so it took you longer to shit than a guy jerking off in a public bathroom? try exlaxx

At dobbypop, you made my day

should have showed him the right hand

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wait that was you?!?!?!? JK!!

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as soon as I read your post I yelld LIAR!!! because it was me dumb ass