By SadDad - United States
Today, in a very crowded public restroom at a sporting arena, after looking to the man using the urinal to his right, my 6 year old son turns to address me on his left and exclaims, "Daddy, that man's wiener is a lot bigger than yours!" The whole bathroom heard and looked immediately at me. FML
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By  Jimboom  |  11

Ouch. Thats gotta hurt.

Well.. you know what they say. Out of the mouths of babes and all that.

But then again as a man of average size I can tell you that skill in the bedroom does not always equate to the size of your dick.

  KillSwitch96  |  18

Those pills aren't supposed to be taken unless you're planning on having sex though and they are also typically used to solve the problem of having erectile dysfunction. The fact that he is in the men's bathroom and has a son makes me think he isn't gay, so I highly doubt he was planning to have any sort of sexual contact in that bathroom. Especially with his son in there as well. Please keep stupid comments to yourself.

By  musu_fml  |  0

#8 Are you really asking that question? Let's recap; father and son are both using urinals. The curious kid has peeked over at a strangers penis and seen it.

Would you like a minute to make the mental leap required to work out how the kid could possibly have seen his father's penis some time previously?

Psst, I'll give you a clue; perhaps, shock horror, the father and son have used urinals before, and the kid peeked somewhere slightly different.