By JJ - 03/10/2015 07:42 - United States - Irwin

Today, I was savagely beating my wife on Call of Duty, since she demanded that I play normally and not hold back. 15 minutes later, she was raging at me, calling me a bastard and saying she wished we'd never married. FML
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At least you weren't playing monopoly. It would've turned out worse

at least you got a gamer chick to marry you


cod may be life but you should probbablly take it a little easier on her? lol fyl

She asked him not to so either she was lying or immature because she couldn't handle losing.

tantanpanda 26

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don't say something you don't mean. If you know I'm good at a game, don't tell me not to hold back on you and expect not to get destroyed.

Well, he could've gone for the not holding back thing and then reigned it in when he realised she didn't have a chance. The problem with wives (generally) is they expect you to use your intuition a bit too instead of just blindly following orders, which is a bit unfair if you're not that intuitive.

at least you got a gamer chick to marry you

She's not a gamer chick if she ragequits after fifteen minutes. She's just an idiot.

myoukei 31

Gamer? Lmao. COD is some pretty tepid shit. She doesn't get brownie points in the gamer world for playing it.....

Indeed you want a gamer chick? Go old school and break out blazing lasers on the turbo graphix 16. 20 minutes in and you will be convinced old school game designers used to be spawns of satan who's only purpose was to design a game so addicting you just wanted to keep playing no matter how many times it bitch slapped you in the face. Tis an abusive love hate relationship.

Holy shit, blazing lazers?! Turbo Grafx 16?! That is some old school shit! and it was great.

Just out of curiosity why are women who play video games called "gamer girls/chicks"? Why the need to specify gender especially when guys who play them are just called gamers?

I hate it when people try to shit on people (who happen to be women) who enjoy games because they're somehow not doing it hard enough. As a very casual gamer myself (I do have a fancy gamer-orientated mouse with lots of buttons though, does that up my cred?) I can assure you we're just here to have fun, not 'make you look bad'. Having said that, maybe if I had more free time I would be out to make you look bad!

Maybe all the thumb downs are coming from all the girls who love gaming who for some reason still have to deal with 'ooooh you only do this because BOYS, therefore you're BAD'. Even if it is boys, some people have reasons for playing that aren't the same as yours, is that such a bad thing? I understand if they're playing with strangers and are really crap, but this person's playing with her husband who knows what level she is. I wasn't trying to compare myself to you with the free time thing. I find video games very addictive, if I'm short on time other hobbies like drawing are much safer for me! I've got a massive list of ones to play (and books I know I'll get stuck into) when my evenings are free again.

I can't believe no one else mention turbo graphics 16 or blazing lazers...

haha.. 15 minutes a day... how are you a "gamer chick"? it seems like a passion of yours would get more attention than 15 minutes a day. just sayin...

Did I say I didn't play as a kid? Awh let's assume a girl who doesn't like me is a ***** (at 3 mind you) because she called me out in front of the fml community.. you poor thing. I only wish I could show everyone the nasty message you sent me in private... I bet you have LOTS of friends. All those reading this thread, watch this girl ^^ she accused me of being on welfare and that guys don't like me because i called her out on being real gamer. I'm MARRIED and we both work full time jobs. Oh, and he's the father of my child! Go me!

you blew up a simple comment dearie :) you could've explained yourself without being hateful. I don't generally argue with people online, because it's a waste of time, but I'm not going to let someone treat me like dirt either.

DappeRB 12

you learn new things every day I guess :/

At least you weren't playing monopoly. It would've turned out worse

xninix_fml 36

They would probably be divorced if it had been monopoly.

Or what about a Mario Party themed Monopoly?

Yeah, with the, little car shoved up your nose and fake money all ver the place.

Mario Kart is the worst, especially if a blue shell is involved.

Definitely Mario Party would have been worse. That game destroys friendships...

thats a risk u take, when you play risk

I'm sure it was the heat of the moment. Just let her cool off and you'll both be fine. In the meantime, practice!

Ah, my mistake. I read it as "savagely beaten by my wife"

That's cool. I read half of the first sentence properly but stopped to angrily judge the **** out of op for spousal abuse... When I continued reading I realized my error.

Practise, yes, practise your 360 trick shots! If she's that bad, then rub it further in by trick shot killing her. Yes it's cruel, but you'll have more challenge and fun in the game and she won't feel so bad when she gets to kill you a few times. But you'll smirk knowing the reality ;D

At least she's a gamer. I'm always a little salty when my buddy destroys me in certain games. Just give it some time and she'll be allright.

OP, you need to try hard enough to look like you're trying but play bad enough to let her win or at least come close to letting her win.

She asked for it though. Literally. She asked for him NOT to go easy on her then couldn't handle it when shit got real.

If I'm playing a game with someone, especially my significant other, I don't want them to let me win. What's the point of playing if it's not a competition? Of course, I'm hyper-competitive, so, for me, finding out someone let me win would be worse than losing.

My parents didn't even let me win on purpose in games when I was 10 years old, why should one adult let another adult win? o_0

My parents didn't even let me win in life.

PinkGlitterBunny 8

Totally agree. Don't let us win but don't obliterate us either.

I've played with my brother and step brother and I always got destroyed. You know what? I didn't care, I was having fun. I always played to have fun. Unless I can't even play because they are constantly killing me before I have the chance, I don't see any reason to throw a fit, and even then just ask them to back off a little.