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Today, my fiancée called off our wedding, because she found out I had sex with another woman. Three years before we even met. FML
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At least you found out she was crazy before you got married!

ninjuh_wingman 29

Better not tell her your mom kissed you when you we young. She might go insane.


At least you found out she was crazy before you got married!

Sounds like an out to me. She obliviously didn't want to get married too badly and used this as an excuse I think...unless y'all were supposed to be saving "it" for each other. If it wasn't this that made her call it off or leave it would have been something else. And just think of it this way... She probably saved you a ton of money between no wedding and having to hiring a divorce lawyer later on down the road and losing half of your shit!

24. If she really didn't want to get married, she should have just said no when he proposed, instead of leading him on and breaking his heart.

Not true 28, some women like the thought of being engaged, but never take the full step and get married. I don't know what it is, but I've seen it quite a bit!... And with a big shiny rock blinding your sight it's even harder to say no right then!

CaitiieBuggs 23

Some people think they are ready to take the plunge, but the closer they get and the more 'real' it becomes, they discover they aren't.

jw90 18

Actually not all people are that honest. There's so screwy people out there.

Maybe there's more to the story as to why she freaked out? Maybe it could have been someone she knew or hated or even a family member orrr maybe she was afraid it would happen again after they got married. Either way unless OP tells us the rest, there's no way of declaring her actions as "crazy" xD

77 has a point. Even though calling off the wedding may have been an overreaction, if OP had told the fiancee that he was a virgin and was going to wait until after marriage for her, finding out this wasn't the truth from another source could be very disappointing.

#1- That doesn't make her crazy at all! Maybe she's religious and wants someone who remained abstinent until marriage!

There's clearly MUCH more to this FML than meets the eye. Guesses: 1) the woman is her mum, 2) the woman is her sister, 3) OP pretended to be a virgin, 4) the woman is someone OP had denied sleeping with. Come on OP, confess the rest.

Yes, religion has a way of ******* these things up...I'm just saying, and thumb me down for telling the truth...

#109 Yes, because clearly the man has to have done something wrong for the woman to do something bad.

simplysarcastics 26

Seems like she had cold feet and or has something she is hiding , thus taking it out on you. Sorry op but she seems foolish and crazy!

sounds like she was just looking for an excuse. sorry op. at least you found out before you got married. hope you can get back any money that was spent on it.

Op may be leaving out the fact that the person he slept with was someone close to his fiancée, like her BFF or sister

ninjuh_wingman 29

Better not tell her your mom kissed you when you we young. She might go insane.

or even that his mommy changed his.diaper!

10, I really doubt that's something she would be jealous of.

@29, hey it's a crazy girl he's dealing with you never know!

I have no clue why people are clicking you deserve it.... I'm sorry op but it sounds like your fiancé had cold feet and was just using this as an excuse to call off the wedding.

those people probably didnt finish reading the fml...

I didn't click either but I am wondering why the fiancée didn't know he had another relationships prior? Not explicit details of it but at least knowing there were others (or one other in this case).

Because he obviously left out a key detail. You need to get things like that out before planning a wedding. His fault.

#52 are the fiancé because alot of people would disagree with you. The past is the past as long as it didn't happen during the relationship I don't see why you would have to leave someone.

It's a fairly important detail if your fiance has slept with other people before. Period. Even if it isn't to a couple, OP should have known that about the woman he was going to marry. Either way, OP didn't realize this, and his ignorance cost him a fiance.

#111 You're an idiot. Who he slept with in a past relationship is of absolutely no consequence to the current one, and unless he *wants* to share those details, they're none of the fiancée's business. Fiancée was either being extremely paranoid or just looking for an excuse to get out of marrying him.

Maybe a good thing? You dnt want an over obsessed jealous wife...either that or she had cold feet

Maybe she thought they were both saving it for marriage. Don't be so quick to call her nuts.

After 3 years you'd think they already had talked about that....I think (in my opinion) that's she's a little nuts

This FML didn't say they've been together for 3 years.

Hopefully she's just hormonal and she'll get over it... That's if you still want to marry her!

If she is "just hormonal", OP would be going through hell every month...

Well, the way I see it, you're better off without someone who makes such a big deal out of things.

Unless someone is on an escalator that is going fast, nothing is escalating quickly.

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Talk to her and find out what's it about, I smell her family intervention..

Not everyone has a family that is crazy and would want to sabotage your wedding

GoodLookingGeese 10

Niuh, niuh... I smell you're one of them..