Mario Kart is serious business

By Anonymous - 25/08/2014 05:44 - United States - Bowling Green

Today, I was playing Mario Kart with my wife. I threw a blue shell and it hit her. She then refused to speak to me for three hours straight until right before bedtime when she called me a bastard and told me to sleep on the couch. FML
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You must have never felt the wrath of a blue shell. Her reaction was totally justified.

To be honest, if she weren't such a noob about it, she wouldn't have been hit. When playing Mario Kart, you should know that, when you see a Blue Shell pop up in someone else's item box, you should slow down so that the second-place racer flies ahead of you and gets hit, instead. If that isn't an option, at least drive near them so that they get hit with splash damage from the contact point and slow down, also. That's why it pays to keep the second-placers close by ... and to know the game mechanics.

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Some people take Mario kart too seriously.

#27 the virginity is strong with this one

Except what 27 said was obvious... If blue shell hits 1st, switch yourself to 2nd. That's like the most basic of logic.

If you're playing on the Rainbow Road (depending on what Mario Kart) you can drift near the borders and the blue shell will skip you.

If you're good enough, being hit with a blue shell shouldn't matter.

You NEVER throw the blue shell, ******* NEVER it's the biggest douche move in history!!!!!

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And people think WOW, COD, & Halo ruin relationships...

Mario Kart: Ruining marriages since the 1980's.

If it was Mario party it would be divorce not the couch

i don't blame her, mario kart isn't just a game, IT'S A LIFE STYLE

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At first I didn't get the pun so I thought why would you tell her to go to the gas station

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That might end up in a divorce.

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Mario Kart is serious business. Next time she might serve you with divorce papers.

I just hope OP never plays Monopoly with her.

Well Mario Kart has been known to completely ruin friendships because of the infamous blue shell. Could be worse OP.

did everyone forget about sorry? I've held grudges over that game

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Mario Kart, Monopoly, and Wild Draw 4 cards in UNO only lead to trouble.

Phase 10 has caused countless fights in my family. It has reached the point where we are no longer allowed to even speak the name at family gatherings.

That's a common thing? I understand board games getting nasty, but freaking Mario Kart? Ugh... it could be sooooo much worse. So much butthurt over feaking Mario Kart...

damn that sucks, she over reacted hard for something so foolish. maybe talk to her when the time is right?

Or just let her win every now and then, doesn't hurt to keep her happy and not sleep on the couch :)

You should calmly tell her that you won't be playing that game with her anymore if she's going to be a sore loser, overreact and treat you like crap all because you happened to win. Totally unfair to you.

My couch is so comfortable that sleeping on it is not even a type of punishment. Plus it's in front of a huge TV. "Sleep on the couch? Sure, no problem."

And she would've won the Gold Cup if it wasn't for that meddling shell! *waves fist in air*

You wanna really chap her ass next time you guys play. Tell her that if she doesn't win you'll divorce HER!