By Anonymous - 03/10/2015 07:00 - United States - Minneapolis

Today, at the swimming pool, I thought it'd be funny to sneak up on my 5-year-old daughter underwater and surprise her. I grabbed her by the sides, and she shrieked. A moment later, a brown cloud erupted from her swimsuit. Cue screaming and a mass panic from the other kids. FML
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You literally scared the shit out of her Bravo

I will not make a horrible pun this time


You literally scared the shit out of her Bravo

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Don't be so uptight, 4. Parents play with their children all the time. How on earth could OP expect her daughter to shotgun crap all over the pool?

He grabbed her not pulled her under idiot

it all depends on the child and the parent, but even little things like this could cause a fear of swimming or deep water. not always, but it's a possibility

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Taking scared shitless to the next level.

Did you not know people do that when they get scared?

Not everyone ***** themselves when they get scared...

Yeah last time I got scared it was so bad I shit the scarer and myself.

Not everyone but I'm sure a 5 year old would lack the sophisticated control over their bowels we older people possess...

They might be more likely to, but a lot of kids don't. How many times do you think kids get scared/surprised? Now how many times do they pee/poop because of it? I bet the number is a lot less than the first. It's normal to surprise or scare kids, just unlucky this time op's kid had an accident.

Shit hit the fan. Or should I say the pool?

That was just bad. Go home and try again.

That poor pool-boy whose job it will be to catch the floaters.

As soon as I saw "I thought it would be funny "I knew it was a YDI.

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I tried to hold out hope that it wasn't but I read the underwater part and knew it was.