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Today, I contacted a girl who dropped her ID at a club last night. I offer to drive 2 hours to return her ID to her. She is thrilled. When I arrive, she gives me a strange look, takes the ID, and runs back into her house. A two hour drive without even a thank you. FML
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thesunsetglow_fml 8

that's probably what he was wishing for. He should have just mailed it to her... despite the fact she asked him to drive over there.

she pretended to b thrilled to get his hope up so he would drive all the way to return her wallet. wat a sucker. lol

thesunsetglow_fml 8

What a tease!! Hahaha I have no idea if this side of the arguement makes any sense. :)

RedJester23 6

well u should have mailed her a letter titled "To the asshole" and put the ID in it along with some poo. or did you?

rallets 22

lmao #79 that seems to be the most logical option really OP

wowthatshorrible_fml 0

lmao nice job reposting another fml

pengiesully 0

what do u expect u didn't have a glass slipper

Did you look at her like you expected something or mention the 2 hour drive? She might have been freaked out. A thank you would've been in order, I agree, but she could've been too creeped out to remember her manners.

I agree, maybe the OP is a creeper and she was afraid.

sourgirl101 28

Or.... she flirted with him JUST to get him to return her ID. After she had it in her hands, she could return to her bitchy self. *IDs are a royal pain in the rump now a days. to replace. No more re-applying on line anymore.

Nice point. I've certainly heard of girls doing worse. Still, no one forced OP to go there. If you're going to do something kind (or stupid), don't expect anything in return.

Sometimes, doing something nice is done in honor, not reward.

but it is just RUDE to not say thank you no matter what the honor there's a certain amount of respect needed

same thing happened to me but I returned a girls iTouch. not even so much as a thanks. bitch. if I had know you were an ass I wouldve just kept it

kofinater 3

I would have kept it anyways, or sold it, too much work to drive. The op should have mailed the I.D

that's what you get for being too nice to a stranger, and hoping to get sex!!

Yes, he deserves that for being polite. And did he say he wanted sex? No, stop assuming stuff.

Yu think he went there for sex yu dirty minded

Next time turn it in to Lost and Found. My guess is somebody talked to her during the 2 hours saying something like, "OMG, you have to be careful! He probably totally stole your ID so he could drive over and rape you!!!!!"

jinxthejinx 0

Ooh, the theory game! Here's mine: He didn't actually speak to the real owner of the ID before arriving. Her friend, or sister or roomie or someone, answered her phone and told him to drop it by. So to her, he just popped up out of nowhere with an ID she didn't even know she'd lost. Understandably, she gets weirded out and scuttles away, without realizing the full extent of his thoughtfulness. Whaddya think? :]

lindsaysue 4

Ooh both theories are good! If it were me in this situation, I would have asked him to mail it to me, 2 hour drive or 2 minute drive. Granted he still has my address, it's just a little less risky and a whole lot less awkward.

I lost my ID at a festival. A Good Samaritan mailed it back to me with a note with only a smiley face on it. I didn't even realize I'd lost it!

Okay, I'm sorry, but were I a girl, and this happened to me, I'd be freaked out as hell. Why didn't you just mail it to her ?

^This. But in answer, she was probably attractive.

ellamegan 0

he OFFERED to drive it to her, so she knew he was coming over. not like he just showed up without her knowing

ifailplzinsultme 0

Ever heard of rape? She most likely was concerned about you driving 2 hours to come and do a Micheal Jackson. ( anyone have a better example to replace MJ?)

whatyotalkinbout 0

MJ was innocent of all charges, just so you know

very strange and crazy man indeed, but no rapist or pedophile. respect the dead. |the kid|

nicolas1311 0
boatkicker 4

If she was concerned about that, than she wouldn't have acted thrilled when he offered to drive up. She would have acted creeped out right from the beginning.

MJ may have been found inocent, but so was Ben Roehthlesburger (however the he'll you spell his name)

ifailplzinsultme 0

Ya well I guess that she could just be an ass. But that sounds kinda weird right?

Drove 2 hours!?!?! So if she didn't say anything, why didn't you???