By DDubs - United Kingdom
Today, I realised that I have fallen for the most amazing girl. She's good looking, has a great personality, she's funny and is a hit with all my friends but she doesn't seem to realise she has a body odor problem. FML
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  fmlfmlfml15  |  0

I "fourth" this

I dont see how the Op's life is fucked. The girl is in love with has the body odor not him. And the fact that she doesn't know but everyone else including him does, makes it even worse for her. If he loves her, then he should tell her.

  falconjade  |  19

It's an FML because she's perfect except for that and his options are either live with the bad scent or try to politely tell her. He's not a jerk. He just appreciates basic hygiene

By  jair_lhao  |  0

eww, give her a "friendly basket" fill with deo soap perfume and everything that smells nice she will be greatfull an might use it so she won't hurt your feelings lol if she dosent use it then ask her about it. if not then stick a car deo on her back when she's not looking lol


I wouldn't dump a guy if he told me I had a BO problem - I'd be thankful he told me. The OP just needs to make sure he tells her respectfully, not in front of friends or anything, and that he doesn't tell anyone he's going to talk to her about it, because that way it'll look like he was talking behind her back.

OP, the best way to confront this would be to just talk to her when you two are alone. Drop a lot of compliments in there, and just be honest, but don't do more than say it. Simply state that you (Don't mention anyone else talking about her BO or she'll be embarrassed) have noticed that sometimes she smells a little sweaty and that you just thought you should tell her.

  jakwob69  |  11

Really? have you ever told somebody they have a body odor problem, especially when you're romantically interested in that person? It doesn't really seem like the start of happily ever after

By  amberbby69  |  6

Ew, that's just gross. What is it with girls not putting on deodorant and smelling bad?! It's not that hard to shower and get some deodorant and perfume. And if it's a medical condition, get help ASAP. No one needs to be smelling your BO.