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By Anonymous - 28/05/2013 16:37 - Australia - Lane Cove

Today, I was walking down the stairs with my guitar in hand, singing, "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" to my wife. I sang, "I don't wanna close my eyes, I don't wanna fall…" Before I could say "…asleep", I fell down the stairs. My wife almost pissed her pants laughing. My bum hurts. FML
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This made me laugh out loud! Thanks OP, I needed a good giggle. Hope you're ok though :-)


It's the romantic gesture that counts, right?

Rule #1 of any instrumental accident: check the equipment first

I'm sure the sex afterwards makes up for any butt pain you may have.

If it's not, I've got a sweet Emily The Strange SG for sale. ;D

Your pic is really good for this FML.

#1 rule of the internet-don't feed the trolls.

79, I think I can safely say you're not a musician nor have any instruments..

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#51: It may have worsened it if they had a strap on. Giggity

This made me laugh out loud! Thanks OP, I needed a good giggle. Hope you're ok though :-)

I don't know how someone doesn't laugh at this :) Sorry that you hurt yourself, but this will make a great story to tell your friends

I didn't laugh because I recently fell down a flight of stairs and was injured so badly that I couldn't walk for days. My doctor put me on heavy duty anti inflammatory painkillers and told me I wasn't allowed to work for two weeks. It's been a month now and it still hurts. So I don't actually think falling down stairs is very funny. If OP was hurt even half as badly as I was, then I feel terrible for him and hope he has good painkillers because he'll be needing them for quite a while.

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There's probably a different website for "Things that actually Really **** Up My Life". This site is meant for more humorous stuff. Sorry for your pain.

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And that's why you eat all your meat and veggies, 45. Not just the vegetables.

same here #2 :D I hope you are okay OP, but you have to admit the irony is pretty hilarious!

LMAO this is hilarious OP, but that was really sweet of you to do. hope your wife was romantic with you after she stopped laughing!

@64 There are some really sad and messed up fmls on here, most are humorous but there are some that are heart-wrenching.

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YDI for singing such a shitty song

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Aw, come on, that's a pretty good song. And there are some awesome covers of it out there!

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What are you? Communist? >.

Steven Tyler is a god! any song he sings is a great song!!!

Are you kidding me?! That song is amazing! I love that song to pieces! (and not just because it is me and my fiancé's song, either! Although that fact may have a hand in my opinion as well...)

Your comment made me crack up. Thanks. You may want to Google "communist" in the nearest future

It's safe to assume the stairs did not agree with your singing ability

lol that is really funny this should go on mlia not fml though.

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Lol at least your okay and I think you also made her happy in a unplanned way.

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Sounds you hit the right chord with your wife so you win I guess.

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This is the funniest FML I've ever seen and you TOTALLY deserve it!