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By  DjeePee  |  24

A typical FYL-YDI FML. Fuck your life because your wife doesn't give you enough affection and you deserve it for letting it come this far. If talking and trying-to-make-it-better didn't work, you could always left her if it bothers you that much.


I can't stand your comments. They are always so ignorant, biased, and uninformed. You don't even know the situation yet he "deserves it for letting it come this far."? Just thought I'd share.

  SaturnV  |  25

If his wife has NEVER shown him as much affection as stated in the FML, it is a fair assumption that he knew she was unaffectionate and chose to marry her anyway. That being said, he is at least partially responsible for his own discontent with his marriage. Even if there are some extenuating circumstances that are preventing him from communicating his unhappiness to his wife and improving his marriage, his situation is still a direct result of a personal choice he made and thus, some might argue that this FML is at least partially a YDI.

  DjeePee  |  24

Wanna know what I can't stand? People who only comment things like 'fuck your life', 'I feel sorry for you', 'omg happened to me once!', 'you friggin' deserve it, douchebag!' on FML. I want discussion. You can only create discussion here if you make assumptions - I prefer the realistic kind.

If OP is unhappy with his situation, he shouldn't be complaining about it on FML and let it continue, no, he should do something. I feel absolutely no compassion for all the OP's who post here that they are so unhappy with their job/partner/sex life/... and do nothing about it. There are solutions for every problem, from talking to more dramatic, live changing ones. If you don't want to take a (drastic) solution, fine, but quit complaining on the internetz.