By bloodshedblack - 21/02/2012 05:01 - United States

Today, I received more affection from my wife in a video game than I ever have in real life. FML
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You mean "the" wife in a video game right? Cause when you say it like that it sounds like she's play Sims with you.

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**** yeah. They cook you stat-boosting meals AND share their shop's earnings with you.

I'm gonna say TF2. I bet she gave OP the new ingame wedding ring

My fable husband gave me multiple std's and 3 kids but he looks after them when I'm gone for weeks on end, searching the desert for flowers and stuff.

It's World of Warcraft! Azerothian diamond ring sealed the deal!

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"Hello my love! Back from some adventure I bet!"

sims 3 is the only game I know that you can do that

world of warcraft? heard of marriages on that damn game. Diablo 2 LOD is much better!

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The only weddings on WoW are between the npc's. I've never heard nor seen two players get "married".

D2 is the best at this. Too bad most are guys pretending to be girls. Lol

"Damn game"? What are you trying to say? -.-

Haven't you seen Serenity Now interrupting a funeral on WoW? It's ******* hilarious (and bad). Trust me, people do crazy shit on that game.

sorry 49 haha. never understood all the hype of WoW

Best game for pixel love and pixel marriage, my loves, is Maplestory.

You mean "the" wife in a video game right? Cause when you say it like that it sounds like she's play Sims with you.

Go roleplay and get some action. In the real world.

Is the contradiction in your comment intentional?

Are you saying you've never role-played with your other before and during sex?

A typical FYL-YDI FML. **** your life because your wife doesn't give you enough affection and you deserve it for letting it come this far. If talking and trying-to-make-it-better didn't work, you could always left her if it bothers you that much.

I can't stand your comments. They are always so ignorant, biased, and uninformed. You don't even know the situation yet he "deserves it for letting it come this far."? Just thought I'd share.

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Seriously every time I see her picture I just don't even read the comments anymore, they are obnoxious.

If his wife has NEVER shown him as much affection as stated in the FML, it is a fair assumption that he knew she was unaffectionate and chose to marry her anyway. That being said, he is at least partially responsible for his own discontent with his marriage. Even if there are some extenuating circumstances that are preventing him from communicating his unhappiness to his wife and improving his marriage, his situation is still a direct result of a personal choice he made and thus, some might argue that this FML is at least partially a YDI.

Best way to deal with trolls: ignore them

Wanna know what I can't stand? People who only comment things like '**** your life', 'I feel sorry for you', 'omg happened to me once!', 'you friggin' deserve it, douchebag!' on FML. I want discussion. You can only create discussion here if you make assumptions - I prefer the realistic kind. If OP is unhappy with his situation, he shouldn't be complaining about it on FML and let it continue, no, he should do something. I feel absolutely no compassion for all the OP's who post here that they are so unhappy with their job/partner/sex life/... and do nothing about it. There are solutions for every problem, from talking to more dramatic, live changing ones. If you don't want to take a (drastic) solution, fine, but quit complaining on the internetz.

Just shut the **** up! your bitching is a waste of comments

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You're such a troll. Is that why you wear that stupid mask? If you don't like the fml then don't read it. Problem solved. Idiot.

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The only problem is that since this is FML you have absolutely NO IDEA if they are doing something about their problems, do you???

Don't blow it with your virtual wife too, dummy.

If only she blew it in real life, he wouldn't have had to write the FML in the first place. ;)

Because in the video game she doesn't have to fake an ******. Much easier.

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My thoughts directly went to Skyrim.

I did too, til I took an arrow to the knee

I did too. then I took an arrow to the knob

As did I. But then I took an adventurer to the face.

Camilla only thanks me for returning her golden claw :/

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Muiri only thanks me for solving her...problem.

If you wanna get married, you need the amulet of Mara. I chose Ysolda to marry :)

Me too. But then I took an arrow in the knee.

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She's sworn to carry your burdens