By jolene11 - 17/05/2010 02:24 - United States

Today, I found out my husband doesn't love me. At all. He told me this while playing Call of Duty with his friends with his microphone on. FML
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Good for you- now you can go outside and live your life and not be married to a man who forgets to turn his microphone off. you're better off I say. you don't want to be with a man who doesn't love you. better you found out now than later. :0)

So he didn't think you deserved the slight courtesy of being the first to know he didn't love you? Then be sure that the divorce papers are served to him when he's at work, so his entire office can join him in the experience of being the first to know that COD is his new wife now.


oh so that was you he was talking about how ironic haha let the threadjacking begin

lol OP shut up and go make him a sammich retard! :)

NeonBlue 0

Cod? You both play it? That's Ironic 0.o

At least he had a little class, I would have waited until the loading screens. ;)

TurboTalon 0

OP fails to mention that while she was nagging him a sniper got a headshot on him.

mona_is_here 10

what can i say? find someone better. is he worth it after all?

Im more of a Starcraft man myself, yeaaaah boyy(:

TaterSalad187 5

sandwich does win XD perhaps he doesn't love you because you forgot to make him a sandwich? a sandwich is very serious thing, woman!

deliciouscake 3

Which call of duty was it?

27 you reminded me today is National Women Bring YOU Sandwiches Day!!! you know how I'll be celebrating

breakingakajav 0

ydi, why were you out of the kitchen??

bettadenne1 0

holy happy u actually met lady gaga?? I love her and I'm not afraid u say it lol

sharpl916 0

I wanna murder gaga for permanently imprinting the tune of that god dmn 'poker face'!

I meant to say I'm jelouse of u 43 lol I accidentally hit send don't ask how haha

mona_is_here 10

Gaga is genius of the decade.

Is that the "frank the bunny suit" from Donnie Darko?

max from where the wild things are, bu Donnie darko is amazing

You are in luck, I just so happen to BE a sandwich ;)

therevolution 0

ahh was just watching that today great movie

55- I was referring to the costume on the left. Yours was blatantly obvious(:

ahh you'd be suprised how many people didn't get it I lost my crown. idk what that guy was supposed to be, it was a random at a party and I thought he kinda looked like a wild thing.

sugarbabyxoxo 2

#63 I am still laughing at your comment XD

fualignment 0

26 I play Starcraft 2 beta a lot if that means anything? :)

morganiscool114 0

lol sounds like my boyfriend

k9ltd333 0

I'll make you a sandwich # 54. ;)

deadhead2112 0

another win for cod yeeeeeaaah!!! damn now I want a sandwich .he can anyone name me seven types of bacon?? I think all the guys can!!!

just wanted to say that 18-Very attractive! andd OP don't bother him while he plays!

Stfu OP. Go make him some food. Massage his feet while you're at it wench.

jj2014 0

great game. don't blame him

bahahaha!!!!! that reminds me of steven

lady gaga has good music, I just find her unattractive, especially when she has her crazy hair-do's

sucks for you but awesome husband! call of duty rocks <3

72: By not worshipping Lady Gaga's every fart, I do believe you've finally proven that you are, indeed, a heterosexual. Congrats, you did it!

adrii09 0

56 that made me laugh out loud! funny stuff haha

guitarchick7591 2

Baha 92, that was awesome.

brettrb 18

if ur in a relationship she shud be more important than cod

haha thats mest up! u shulda like threw his games out da window!

that's not even something to joke about..

Darling, if your hubby is still playing CoD, you probably got married a little too early in life. That's just my opinion though.

you never know, there is like, 40 year old guys that play that game. =.=

and those guys are awesome! the wife should do the same!! wish my parents were like that! **** you anti flood p.!!!! >.<

FYLDeep 25

Yeah, and now you told all of us. I guess you two are even.

PYLrulz 17

but what if he is like that math wiz that fml had a comic on, and isn't distracted by that?

transam87 0

I doubt that he stopped loving her BECAUSE he plays video games. He didn't have to be a doucher and say private (and probably rude and embarassing) shit with a gaggle of a-holes listening and whooping. Have a little tact If my husband did that when he was playing COD, I'd break his ******* mic, and vice versa if I did that while I was playing L4D. You just don't do that. Keep it at home, don't allow the drooling 14 years old in. Don't they have enough ammo to shit talk?!

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