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By  pinkzilla0  |  8

Good for you- now you can go outside and live your life and not be married to a man who forgets to turn his microphone off. you're better off I say. you don't want to be with a man who doesn't love you. better you found out now than later. :0)

By  Drunkbunny  |  2

So he didn't think you deserved the slight courtesy of being the first to know he didn't love you? Then be sure that the divorce papers are served to him when he's at work, so his entire office can join him in the experience of being the first to know that COD is his new wife now.

  jgilez  |  0

ahh you'd be suprised how many people didn't get it I lost my crown. idk what that guy was supposed to be, it was a random at a party and I thought he kinda looked like a wild thing.

  goonie85  |  0

I doubt that he stopped loving her BECAUSE he plays video games. He didn't have to be a doucher and say private (and probably rude and embarassing) shit with a gaggle of a-holes listening and whooping. Have a little tact

If my husband did that when he was playing COD, I'd break his fucking mic, and vice versa if I did that while I was playing L4D. You just don't do that. Keep it at home, don't allow the drooling 14 years old in. Don't they have enough ammo to shit talk?!