By I warned him - 19/12/2014 02:39 - United States - Marietta

Today, I beat my boyfriend in a video game. He promptly dumped me and told me to leave. FML
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You dodged a bullet, trust me. I dated 2 people on WoW, first was immature like your ex and the second one I ended up marrying. You'll find the gamer of your dreams, keep your head up OP :)

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how old is he?

Bad joke #4, just leave..

I think it doesn't matter how old a person is. Also older people can act like little kids if they can't lose because they're too proud or too ambitious with games and those things :/

He might be 20 or 30 but has the mindset of a 12-year-old.

#25 I would think a 12 year old would have better common sense... more like maybe 6-8 years old.

#13 Your comment has 69 likes. awkward!

Haha, 69 downvotes. How ironic

You dodged a bullet, trust me. I dated 2 people on WoW, first was immature like your ex and the second one I ended up marrying. You'll find the gamer of your dreams, keep your head up OP :)

My Husband is a gamer too. The first time I ever beat him at a game was on a friends wii. We ran right out that night and got ourselves one so we could play more things together. Chin up OP, the right guy is out there.

It's hard to find girls that are really into games like guys are. Your ex is an idiot for rage quitting the relationship because he lost to a girl. He's probably one of those trolls that rage on forums or YouTube comments anyway :p

My ex used to get really abusive and violent over video games, if I was playing one with him everything was my fault (even if he ran in 1v5) but luckily I only received verbal abuse and being ignored for several days. He'd often break things in front of me though. Some gamers are awful :p

#59 Your ex is insane and clearly has anger issues, it has nothing to do with being a gamer.

59 - And that's why you don't date LoL players.

My wife and I used to share an account on Playstation, but I had to make my own because was improving my stats on Call of Duty. We game together all the time, and she generally does better than me. But I didn't want to have good stats that didn't reflect my actual abilities. If I suck, I want people to know I suck, it makes the trash talk easier to swallow

But he obviously does not beat women...

You're better off OP. Good riddance I say.

Lol. Well, he was clearly a tool and you're better off without him.

I'm curious.. How long you guys been dating?

Matters not, for she is fortunate to have information about the relationship that could prevent wasting any more time with him.

Achievement unlocked: single.

What a baby! If I were him, I'd just never play with you again! It kinda reminds me of Chandler, Joey and Monica and their foosball.

I only liked this for the Friends reference.

You think never playing with someone who beat you in a videogame is the correct response to this? It's really immature and childish to only do things so you can win, and to stop doing things because someone is better at it than you.

Fatality! Finish Her!

Sore loser, you're too good for him OP!

I love playing video games with my fiance and if she beats me im impressed not mad haha

My wife beats me at games all the time. It's part of being "equals"...

If you don't think of her being equal in anything else, I'd rethink your stance on the term.

Sorry you're getting thumbed down, #35. I agree with and appreciate your stance. One should neither be insulted at losing to a girl nor impressed at a girl beating them (unless they are proud of their skill and used to winning, but then it's not necessarily BECAUSE they're a girl that they're impressed xD). It implies that you underestimated her and only play games with her so you can win.