By Anonymous - 13/09/2012 05:30 - Canada - Campbell River

Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend. It would have been a lot sexier had our chihuahua not decided to rim his ass as he thrust into me, causing him to break out into a case of the giggles. FML
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desireev 17

Brings a whole new meaning to "doggy style"! :)

Why would you let your dog near you while you were having sex?


Why would you let your dog near you while you were having sex?

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why not ? ;) I mean it's the least we can do for stealing the doggystyle from them.

op said chihuaha not chinchilla. A chihuaha is, in fact, a breed of dog.

JackeeDawn 9

They are such small dogs. Too small to get on normal beds, therefore the people must have been on the floor. If they were on the floor then it's the dogs territory now. :p

47 - My sister's chihuahua has no issues getting on the bed and the dog's normal chihuahua size.

Dogs are very strange when people have sex. They always seem to want to join in. It's so odd.

47- I know a dog that's smaller than a chihuahua and she can jump on my bed no problem. And my bed is higher than a normal bed

47- thats not always the case, my Pomeranian can jump onto my 3.5ft raised bed...she has quite the legs.

"rim his ass?" Can someone explain the FML? Or am I just slow today?

RandomComments 6

Google is always there for you in the time of need.

The real question is if he got harder or flaccid?

murphdarkly 13

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Just because he doesn't know what rimming is doesn't make him slow. I'd rather not know. :(

natalia18oo 12
agonydrum 7

33 you may enjoy licking the chocolate lollipop but most people don't and therefore would have no reason to know what rimming is

67 its even more pathetic to believe that someone who hasn't had sex is pathetic, too bad it also makes you a complete asshole!

xxhollilollixx 6

89- An asshole for which to be rimmed :D

I think the fact that the FML involves a dog, made it a bit confusing.

I think most people would rather not google it. Hence the questions, heh. Sounds scary even if you don't know what it is.

You are pretty pathetic if in your 20s and you havent had sex, its like you've missed and missing out on a part of life.

agonydrum 7

I didn't have sex until I was 20 and there is nothing pathetic about me

113 some people hold off on having sex until they meet "the one"...this doesn't make them pathetic in the slightest. Just because they showed a bit of restraint at not boinking the first girl they came across (pun intended) doesn't make them pathetic, however, are pathetic for thinking that sex is the be-all and end-all to life. Though it is pretty damn good.

desireev 17

Brings a whole new meaning to "doggy style"! :)

MetalxSoldier 26

It's better to break out into a case of giggles, than a case of herpes...

hawright 13

3, is the Mcalester you are from, McAlester, OK?

Mjfalcon 8

31, What's up fellow Oklahomie! *high five* Now something actually pertaining to the FML and 3's comment: I always knew there was something wrong with them... I will never look at chihuahua's the same way again. 3, even I cringed at that. They can keep their style now as far as I'm concerned.

desireev 17

Yes, indeed... I am from McAlester... Take me to your leader.

hawright 13

Well that is just nifty. I am from northern OK in a small town you haven't heard of. Nice to meet both of you.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Why was your dog in the same room? O.o lol, shut the door next time :p

Some people sleep in the same bed as their dogs. If the sex was spontaneous, the last thing that would cross your mind is to get the dog out xD

Sir this is FML not twitter please crontrol your urge to use hashtags

Oh sorry #22, didn't see your comment as i am on my iPhone and it didn't refresh. My apologies.

I'm pretty sure the phrase "hash tag" drives math majors, teachers, and well anyone else whose career is math gets mad that the number sign has become overly used in the wrong way

... Doesn't make me mad, it's not really a mathematical symbol, and it's a computer character, so it can be used for that sort of thing. Besides, ! is a math symbol but it has other uses, and # is also used in music, but you said nothing about musicians being angry that the sharp is being somehow changed into a hash tag.

SenselessPattern 12

63#### Hey, # stands for sharp in music, and ! stands for not in computers! ....Sorry, got too excited...

Did someone have the decency to apologize on fml? No way!

Lol, 92, I was referring to factorials, but that example works too.

SenselessPattern 12

109 - I think you're getting an A in programming 101 and perhaps some extra credit in discrete computational mathematics for logic

RandomComments 6

Think about that moment the next time your dog licks your face

I have a solution, don't have sex when your dog is around?

Least it wasn't a greyhound or a husky. I couldn't imagine.

Can't blame a guy for being giddy during sex.

Next time you suggest sex and he says "just a minute, I'll let the dog in" or if he wants you to get a bigger dog, then you have a problem. Otherwise laught it off and thrust away.