By Puppy Loverr - 25/08/2011 07:12 - Australia

Today, I was getting a bit intimate with my boyfriend. Just when things were getting interesting, my dog managed to get into my room. He jumped on the bed and my boyfriend spent the next 20 minutes playing with the dog, while I sat next to him, half naked. FML
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well the dog will never complain about "doggie style"

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I like 17's comment so 46 we're going with the idea that the dog is female :)

Vagblocked by a dog. You can scratch that off of your bucket list, OP.

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hmm that stinks. ur dog must be more attractive than u :X

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Wouldn't u hav locked the door?

When I first read this, I thought it said: "I was getting bit by an inmate"

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Someones being greedy. Dogs need loving too.

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Don't worry my boyfriend would probably do the same thing

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this is why cats and dogs don't get along.

59 I believe the correct term is "twatswat"

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my ex used to do this all the time hence why he is now my ex....!

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Lol I would of done the same thing if I was your boyfriend

yeah, he just wanted to spend time with his other bitch.

Ofcourse #40 is hilarious! He is Canadian! ;D

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4 - you would OF done the same thing?! How freaking old are you?!!!!!! It's would Have!!! Also known as would've, which may Sound like "would of" but anyone with the ability to form an English sentence should be able to realize it's not

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60 - ..... *starts to say something*- >< true. That's what Canadians are best at, that and maple syrup, health care, and in some parts an odd version of French. Oh, and they're great to make fun of ^_^

-79 Just stop. You're embarassing yourself and your country.

Bizarre, shut the hell up. Other nationalities have different ways of saying words, would have, or would of are a perfect example. Don't think your way of saying something is the only way to say it.

I am pretty sure there is no actual rule that states would have is more correct than would of.

saIty 17

Well dogs are mans best friend. So get a cat, and become a crazy cat lady.

Yes because things always go good to crazy cat ladies.

Maybe once you get a cat he'll finally play with your pussy?:p

41 - hahahahahaha, bravo. very well done

Yes, half naked. As in they were probably making out; they weren't having sex just yet. "Just when things were getting interesting" doesn't always scream OMG THEY WERE HAVING SEX GUISE!

Damn. The comment I was replying to disappeared.

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Ur not funny you're aware of that right?

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yea the dog was trying to be a cockblocker ;)

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Obviously Scooby. Who'd want to have fun with Rosie O' Donnell?

Maybe the dog was more willing to "lick certain parts" ?? Sit UooBoo Sit, Good Dog!