Sexy catboys rule my life

By verno02 - 10/08/2010 23:58 - Canada

Today, I was having it off with my boyfriend. He's the kind of guy that likes to keep things interesting. Just as he started climaxing, he began to meow. FML
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now there's 2 pussys in the bed

If he wanted to keep it interesting, he'd have a little remote or switchboard to control fireworks outside the house. He'd hit the switches as he was getting close, time his final thrusting with the time on the wick, and climax as they shot off and exploded in the air. Meowing is fucking nothing.


wow that's a mood killer

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lmfao!!!!1 tee hee fyl

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kitty meow

This is all set up for Sean's infamous joke.

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nice pic

OMG > UR < picture made me laugh YET its soo true :p

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That's hot lol jk

well I would say he succeeded in the whole 'keeping things interesting' aspect

what's it mean when he hisses?

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lol... seriously mood killer.

How does she deserve this? Nowhere in the FML does it say OP asked her boyfriend to meow when he climaxed. It seems as if she had no way of knowing he'd do this. seems to me...FHL. Not YDI

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my boyfreind! u must MEOW! xD and I MODDED THIS!!!!!! 

now there's 2 pussys in the bed

haha I see what you did there

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Classic, 9, just classic lol

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hahaha I love puns

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+2 internets

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yeahhhhh that's not weird...... lol

FML keeps getting weirder and weirder everyday.