By jcedarholm - United States - San Marcos
Today, at work, I was talking to a Scottish woman when my coworker and I both told her we were also Scottish. To this she replied, "We Scottish people get around." I then said, "Tell me about it, I'm one of four siblings from my dad, he definitely gets around." She was talking about travel. FML
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  gracehi  |  31

^ Hey, man. Don't mess with the Scottish. You tend to get real tough when you live in a country where the thistles are waist high and no one's invented trousers.

By  Cynictowinit  |  4

So, of course, your gut reaction was to assume she meant in terms of sex? I would at least hope she'd get to know you guys if she had been talking about sex, otherwise it would have been pretty brusque.