By jcedarholm - 13/09/2012 05:19 - United States - San Marcos

Today, at work, I was talking to a Scottish woman when my coworker and I both told her we were also Scottish. To this she replied, "We Scottish people get around." I then said, "Tell me about it, I'm one of four siblings from my dad, he definitely gets around." She was talking about travel. FML
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ill never get back the time it took to read this boring story.

I'm part Scottish. Does this mean I only get around a bit?

Why do Scottish men wear kilts? Because the sheep can hear a zipper from a mile away.

^ Hey, man. Don't mess with the Scottish. You tend to get real tough when you live in a country where the thistles are waist high and no one's invented trousers.

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According to OP, it means you're a filthy, filthy ***** :)

21 where i grew up that joke was always about the welsh ;)

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I am half Scottish and I would've laughed at the comment OP. No need to feel embarrised about it.

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I'm also part Scottish. Part of Clan MacTavish.

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I'm also Scottish, I guess we really do get around....or at least I do ;)

Also Scottish, and never left mainland UK... But I've travelled all over Scotland, if that counts?

OP are you that pathetic that you would be afraid of offending them with that? its nothing, grow up.

I thought about travel right away. But I have an innocent mind.

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Foot-in-mouth situation right here. Haha! FYL, OP. Better luck next time. :)

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Nothing. There's nothing about a foot fetish.

If they're wearing a kilt, doesn't a foot-in mouth scenario just make the situation more embarrassing? :p

And here I thought she was being too forward.

Oh well. Don't worry too much, it was just a joke anyways. I'm sure she doesn't hate you.

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I agree with #6. But watch out for the scottish men ;) lol

Well, if she didn't react too badly to your response, you can ask her if she wants to do some good old fashioned caber-tossing :p

So, of course, your gut reaction was to assume she meant in terms of sex? I would at least hope she'd get to know you guys if she had been talking about sex, otherwise it would have been pretty brusque.

citymayer 7

The phrase "get around" generally has to do with sex.

Actually, it is also generally used to mean traveling.

18 - I wouldn't say generally. My first thought was traveling, not sex.

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I've never heard it used to describe travel. Maybe as in "what vehicle do you use to get around" once or twice but nothing else.

...My first thought was sex. So I can see how the Op made that assumption as well.

Your response made sense with you three all being Scottish. Maybe she just couldn't attest to your theory.

"They can take our land, but they cannot take our POOOOOOONTAAAAAANG!!!!"

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Prima Nocta - they did take all of your poontang at one point good sir. :[

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And this is funny, how? The responses are better in this on...

You must be new here...that's usually the way it is.