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By Anonymous - 27/09/2014 03:30 - New Zealand

Today, my boyfriend tried to be dominant during sex. It was so out of character for him, I couldn't help but break into hysterical laughter. FML
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"it was out of charactor for him" im pretty sure she was talking about previous sex with him

Do you wear the pants in the non sexual parts as well?

Just because a guy isn't dominate in bed doesn't mean he is the girl in the relationship. On another note, lots of girls wear pants since this isn't the 1050s...

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Give him a crown to make him king

Martinez0285 28

To bad, you shouldve turned it around on him. "what? you can't treat your woman right?"

I don't think she was trying to make him feel insecure, I think she was legitimately just finding it hilarious that he was trying to be so dominant, since he's usually so submissive. Honestly, I'm pretty sure my boyfriend would have the same reaction.

I understand that she found it funny, and maybe it was out of character for him, but she should have tried her hardest to hold back her laughter. I'm very submissive and if I tried to be dominant and got laughed at, it would make me really insecure. Hopefully the OP's boyfriend wasn't too offended.

Woah, this got top comment? I thought for sure i would be voted down.

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No, I don't want to literally put my penis in his life.

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Wow people take the word "literally" so literal.

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#26 well the people shouldn't use literally wrong then! The point is when literally is used, it means it LITERALLY. If you don't mean it like that, you would say figuratively or metaphorically.

Look, saying "figuratively" would be both awkward, irritating, and pretentious. I think that "*******" should be an apt replacement for figurative and/or metaphorical use of "literally".

Actually the word literally literally means literally and figuratively. It is it's own antonym. Look it up.

tantanpanda 26

#48 well if it's awkward then just DONT SAY IT! Do you really have to say **** his life figuratively/metaphorically for people to understand what you're saying? It's implied that it's metaphorically. You use literally to make the distinction. I really hate people like you who think you can use literally for everything. Does saying "I'm dying, literally" seem fine to you? Add literally, then it becomes you're actually dying. See the reason why you don't say literally? If not then go **** yourself, literally.

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#49, you're an idiot. You contradicted yourself; antonym means the opposite word for something. I actually looked up the meaning on dictionary.com and nowhere does it say that literally is Interchangeable with figuratively. Literally means things in the strict literal meaning. I don't know what dictionary you're using, but it sure can't be that great if it's telling you they're interchangeable when they're antonyms.

How did I contradict myself? I know what antonym means and literally has two definitions that are opposite of each other. Which makes it it's own antonym. The dictionary I'm using is Merriam-Websters so yeah pretty credible. It states literally 1. In a literal sense or manner: actually 2. In effect: virtually. It goes on to say since some people take sense 2 to be the opposite of sense 1, it has been frequently criticized as a misuse. Instead, the use is pure hyperbole intended to gain emphasis, but it often occurs in context where no additional emphasis is needed. So yeah you are the one making yourself look like an idiot. Dick.

Oxford dictionary has a similar definition as well. So pretty much real dictionaries concur with what I'm saying and only your online dictionary.com is disagreeing.

To everyone freaking out about 11's comment and use of the word "literally," he meant that op should F his life literally. He did not mean for anyone else to do it and so his use of the word "literally" actually makes sense. Chill out guys.

#56, you just got destroyed! Literally

tantanpanda 26

I might have known that if I looked at more dictionaries. Yea, and your explanation also says that people still use the word where no emphasis is needed; however, besides ruining the distinction between something literally happening and something exaggerated, the second entry was created because mainstream society decided to use literally just for their little fun exaggerations. Literally still means in the literal sense, but when people just use it for kicks, the definition ends up conforming to norm vernacular. Just because people say a word, it gets accepted. Just like selfie

The words you're looking for are damn man you were right and I was wrong. Sorry for insulting your intelligence and thank you for teaching me something.

Welcome to the fight. There are two groups fighting over the English language. The first sees as a fluid that changes as needed, and accepts new words and definitions of old words. The second sees it as a solid, new words may be added from time to time, but god help you if you redefine a word or do

Not put a comma after the last word in a list, before the "and" or "or". Which, by the way, is perfectly fine by team fluid, and practiced by a few small news companies, like The New York Times.

tantanpanda 26

hm, in a way, I'm sorry, but in another way, I'm not. If I said that I'm going to kill you, literally, am I using literally for emphasis or using it in the literal sense? That is why there shouldn't be contradicting definitions of a word. Literally is used to clarify meaning in your objective. Why use literally as a hyperbole when it's understood that you're saying it in the metaphorical way? If you want to preach that it should be used both ways, go right damn ahead, but know that it's completely irrational to use literally for added emphasis when it's not necessary. Doing so causes ambiguity that confuses the intended meaning of the sentence literally is used in. I shouldn't be the only one learning new things; Do what you preach.