By SimG - 07/07/2013 12:35 - Canada - Cambridge

Today, I was going to fight the guy who my girlfriend left me for. While waiting at the park, he sent me a video of the two of them having sex on my bed. FML
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ks23 9

And now you have proof of them breaking and entering. Also se it to her dad :)

olpally 32

Wow... Go beat the shit out of them now. Or call the cops for them trespassing on your property. That's cold.


ks23 9

And now you have proof of them breaking and entering. Also se it to her dad :)

ks23 9


graceinsheepwear 33

Not everyone on this site is underage and under parental rule.

You think she wouldn't be embarrassed if her dad saw even if she isn't living with him? Its more about revenge than getting into trouble.

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it could be that the girlfriend let him into OP's house... she might also have a key

Or you could put it up on pornhub? BAM instant slut status for the bitchy couple. Looks great on job applications and background checks

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#91, yeah, let the whole world know!! OP shouldn't be hesitant to put their real names on it either

It shouldn't matter if she has the key. He obviously did not want her doing that in his house. He has absolute proof of breaking and entering. If he wanted I'm sure he could charge for sexual harassment. Go to the cops OP; don't get in trouble fighting him. She's not worth it.

why not all of the above

Megan639 16

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philbelfrage 13

127 - Even if she somehow didn't know about the video, she still had sex with her new boyfriend on OP's bed. She deserves embarrassment.

She was well aware it would've been sent if a camera is either in her face or her new boyfriend is grabbing something from the dresser. She knows she's having sex in his bed, that's wrong in all.

tjv3 10

I wouldn't fight the guy just because your gf left you for him. But after he sent you the video it's on like donkey kong. That's just an ahole move so he deserves it.

#1 I voted YDI as soon as I saw the words 'Today I was going to fight...'. Also, there is a possibility that OP and his gf lived together before she dumped him for this new guy, and she also may have cheated on OP. It's possible the video was actually taken while OP and his gf were still together, and she invited the other guy into his/their house - in which case it's not breaking and entering at all. The guy probably is a huge troll and wanted to make a fool of you for accepting a fight rather than doing the sensible thing and leaving them alone - and in this case he succeeded. OP, please don't pick physical fights with him, or anybody else, in the future. Use physical violence only if necessary. I went to a prison as part of an assignment in legal studies at school where we had to interview the prisoners. One guy was very young, only about 25 or so, and he was there because he got into a fight at a bar and he threw one punch - and it hit the guy in the wrong place or he fell against something in the wrong way - and the guy died. He got a jail sentence of five years I think. So, so pointless. My friend's ex-boyfriend also used to get into a lot of fights - he was the 'bad boy' type and was sort of in a gang, and one day the same thing happened to him too - he only meant to hurt, not kill, but the guy died. And the reverse could also happen to you, you could be the one who's punched in the wrong place. So some stupid girl decided to dump you for someone else. In hindsight, that would be such a petty reason for you to waste your life or somebody else's life. Come on OP. You're better than that.

deepunder 17

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Bullshit! I thumbed down that comment without reading it because it looks like an essay.

Well #195, my comment which you were so quick to dismiss was an earnest plea for OP and others to do the sensible thing and not take actions which can, intentionally or not, cause serious injury or death. I'm sorry you didn't feel like the essay was worth reading, but to downvote something just because it is more than one paragraph long? I have personal stake in this and so do a lot of people who have lost people they've known or cared about due to senseless fights. I realise you probably can't empathise, but do not disaparage a comment that is written from someone who is trying to use their small voice to make their small contribution to make the world a better place.

Well she's stupid for letting the new guy record

YeahYeahYeahOK 6

Oh hell yeah!

127-Even she didn't kno he was filming or had a reason for leaving she knew it was OP's bed and thus deserves to suffer also

#192 I'm pretty sure if I broke up with my gf she wouldn't be living with me. Also it's just a terrible thing to do, and on someone's own bed.

OP I'd be more angry at your bloody ex-girlfriend, she was the one who was supposed to be in a relationship with you. What a useless bitch. Forget about her, go out to some parties, fuck a few acquaintances, apart from that, only time will heal. Don't go out of your way to fight this guy, coming from an amateur bodybuilding who's done boxing and Krav Maga, the best fight is the one you dont have. All it takes is for one of you to to fall back and hit your head, happened to a mate of mine at Kings Cross in Sydney, died instantly...

Oh god yes please send it to her dad.

OP shouldn't have been a childish asshat and 'fighting' over a girl anyway. She left you, suck it up and move on.

nurchok 15

127, still doesn't give her the right to sleep in OP's bed, esp. with another guy. All of the above, and when forwarding to her parents, add a note saying how much of a slut she is. No need to fight the douchebag and get yourself into trouble.

nurchok 15

201, she's not stupid, she is a slut for that...

To all those who downvoted me, if you considered that an essay, I must have been writing novels for my university course. I had not considered the possibility FML readers would not only ignore but actually condemn a one- or two-paragraph comment regardless of whether it had meaningful content because they're too lazy to read it. I had expected people to be more respectful or at least rational. If I had known the truth was anything but I would have not even bothered commenting what I had to say in the first place; with such an audience a message such as mine would have been lost anyway.

and you know what I find hilarious? I posted a comment on another FML that is probably longer than both the comments I posted here. What was it about? The reasons why poker is not a game of chance. At the moment it has 19 thumbs up. I post a shorter comment here about why you shouldn't get into a fight because people may get hurt or killed, speaking from personal experience at that. And my comment gets buried. Good to know FML readers have their priorities straight. smh

ElvisChrist6 4

He arranged to fight the person in the park... my guess is, he's underage.

I have a feeling this will get me down voted, but... SneezyBear actually commented with something relevant and thoughtful, so why did his comments get buried? If two paragraphs is too long for you to read, then just don't read it, instead of down voting for no reason.

olpally 32

Wow... Go beat the shit out of them now. Or call the cops for them trespassing on your property. That's cold.

nightowl713 25

Why would he even go to beat the other guy up? What is it going to accomplish? She left him, and all he was doing was making himself look pathetic. If she didn't want him, beating the hell out of her new guy wasn't going to change that, and why would he want it to? Makes no sense. Move on. They shouldn't have had sex in your bed, other than that, you deserve it!

You're right, 69. He should beat HER up over it!

2 and 71 both seem to believe that you can actually solve any problems by beating someone up. That works, or you could learn to handle situations like an adult. In this instance, the best course of action is to realize you're an idiot for trying to fight him, but press charges for them being inside your home.

Waiting to fight... Are you 10 years old move on.

Mackay92 14

Okay i'm sorry if i got what you put wrong but the way i took this post is that she went straight to that guy before they even split up like somebody saying "I'm leaving you for Greg" and plus if he was in a park the other guy would have agreed too fight OP otherwise why would he be there and for him sending that video that's just wrong

How about op gets the best of both worlds, goes to his house, and beats the guy to a pulp. for "self defense" then calls said police to come get a trespasser.

KingCeltic77 18

Also report them for transfer of illegal pornography.

generalasskicker 12

Well most problems can be solved with violence or non violence it all depends on preferences.

You're better off without her OP! You can find someone better

\ 28

After all those vows and I-love-yous," she "finds" someone else. Amazing character

Very creative answer, 3.

Why are some people so cruel? I'm sorry OP.

Damian95 16

I hate to say it but sometimes life's a bitch and then you die. Some people just need a slap on the head.

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"It's a cold world and this is ICE." -Fat Joe, "Lean Back"

Now that's fucked up... Time to publish that video...

Wowxoxo 17

And send it to everybody she knows.. I wonder how daddy will like his little girl now?

AbstraktThoughts 13

You might as well post the link here. I might need to use it...for a science project or something.

Send him a video of you and his mom.

That the best comment I've seen on this.

thinking about OP going through with this, makes me very happy ^_^ but if you do it OP you gotta go big. This calls for a collar and leash, hog tying, calling her degrading names and cock slapping her till you left an imprint of your penis on her forehead....oh and some viagra and a paper bag for her head incase his mom doesn't happen to be a milf.....REVENGE WILL BE YOURS BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

130 your mind is fucking terrifying :O Alas, that would be a remarkable feat!

Clearly #130 is an S and not an M...

She sounds classy can I have her?

Shouldn't be picking fights with people like that, unless there's more to it than the FML (still, you shouldn't) However, FYL for the last part. But don't stoop to their level like that, OP.

Pridesblood 6

I agree, FYL for them stooping so low as to do that in your house but YDI as well for trying to pick a fight with the guy. Don't be mad at him for wanting to date your girlfriend, be mad at your girlfriend for dumping you.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

There's a time to brush it off and there's a time to kick some ass. I've gotten confrontational with a few guys who tried stealing my girl. That's some grimy business and they deserved what they got. This douche bag in the fml sounds like he deserved an ass kicking, especially after that rodeo.

I guess it varies from person to person. I don't like physical confrontation and hope that I never have to be involved with it.

Lol OP, call the cops on them for trespassing

it depends on the situation if they knew that was your girl then understandable but if your girl is going around acting single then your problem is with her not them

67, if you're talking about whether or not to contact the cops, it really doesn't matter whether she was with him or not. The fact is, she went into hos house without his permission/him knowing and used his bed. This is just wrong on so many levels; she deserves to get some sort of reprimanding.

^OP and his now-ex girlfriend could have been living together.

I have to disagree. Stopp to thei level. This is grounds for a ass whoopin. Sry that you don't like physical confrontation but sometimes you have to pull your balls out of your belly.

When I first read it I was reminded of those 'organised 'primary school fights where people meet in the playground after school to settle who really gets to be red ranger or something....OP just sounds like a kid. I get maybe getting into a fight in the spur of the moment but why bother to organise one? Sad.

111, that's another possibility huh. Then since he said that she left him, the moment he found out, he should have confronted her and asked for his key back.

Oh damn! Sorry for posting that; that comment was meant for one of the other posts below this one. What I meant for this one was: 103, wouldn't the situation be switched then? Rather than the cops going after her if she was his gf, wouldn't they just leave her and OP to discuss what was wrong?

There's a difference between fighting someone for trying to steal your girlfriend verses fighting someone who actually stole her. If my ex tried to fight my current boyfriend (if I actually had one) I'd think he was immature for doing so. He's not going to get me back whether wins or loses.

UnluckyGenius 21

Upload it to porn hub and send it to her mother after reporting them to the cops for breaking and entering. Muahaha

sammyjanette 17

Damn, I don't ever want to cross you!

UnluckyGenius 21

Never mess with a sponge.

Post it on the Internet. A gift to her and her future!