By itsnotyouitsher - 09/03/2013 06:16 - Australia - Wahroonga

Today, my boyfriend left me for a girl I know. She was the girl my last boyfriend left me for. FML
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Next time you see her, ask if she's enjoying your leftovers.

Was she the only one to care enough to console you, like last time?


Best option is to **** her father.

Was she the only one to care enough to console you, like last time?

If you don't get the previous FML reference, you won't get the comment..

I got the previous FML reference... I just didn't find it funny.

7, the reference was funny until you tried to explain...

Bubbelz 25

The reference was there. That's pretty much it, for me...

It was funny until you added an extra comment to explain.

Alright, we get it, it was funny before she explained it

Next time you see her, ask if she's enjoying your leftovers.

OP is the introductory course, then they move on to the advanced course.

Maybe the **** likes the way op tastes but isn't able to get straight to the source.

She's a Maneater, if you know what I mean.

She eats men? B-B-But that's... inhumane!

oj101 33

#15 - I believe the word you are looking for is cannibalistic, which is synonymous with inhumane.

I don't know if you're referring to a man-eater as a person who actually eats men or referring to that 2000's song. With either one, I don't see how it pertains.

From Urban DIctionary: 1. maneater 1422 up, 275 down The female equivalent to the more male-associated words like pimp or player. An irresistable woman who chews and spits out men after using them for some sort of gain -- be it sexual, financial or psychological.

"Ohhhhhh here she comes, watchout boy she'll chew you up!"

Hall and Oates goes with everything.

Hmmm... I took "maneater" in this context to mean that she "eats" men... If you know what I mean.

That's a dick move.

TeamKelly 10

Really? I thought OP's boyfriend did such a wonderful thing!

She is actually doing you a favor. If it's meant to be, he'd stick around.

Psycho_Babydoll 26

Oh God, I feel you, I really do. I lost two boyfriends to this one little ****- which doesn't sound like that big a deal but I've only ever had the two and I truly loved them. Both times, they cheated on me and eventually left me for this girl who was constantly lying and cheating anyway (I know this because she stole the boyfriends of several other girls while with BOTH my exes). So yeah... getting off-topic but damn, OP, show this girl that she can't just take any guy she wants. I hate people who think they can have someone simply because they want them, regardless of whether or not they're taken. It's just horrible for everyone involved.

It takes two to tango though. She might be a "****"... but it's not like she forced them at gunpoint to cheat on you. The boyfriends are both ***** AND cheaters. They're both to blame.

I agree that it is wrong/slutty for a girl to go after a guy that is taken. A guy chooses to leave though. He doesn't get stolen.

It may have escaped your notice, but this really isn't the place to write down your biography, if you really want sympathy, write an FML or something, and I suggest you shorten it.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't give a **** about your suggestions.

10, wasn't that long of a story. Why can't she jot down how she relates to the FML? Also, I know some girls that get off screwing around with married/involved guys which seems like a sport to them. And, yes, the guys are at fault too. Sex can be some guy's weakness.

You can't steal people or be "taken". People are not possessions to be owned.

56- lol I picture like 4-5 hoodlums coming out of nowhere and robbing them like "quick, get in the car before the cops get here!"

Sounds like your boyfriends have been rather immature (no offense- I don't know your age) or totally blind to what this other girl is up to. She sounds like a sadistic narcissist who gets off on not only ******* your boyfriends and "taking them away"- she also gets off on hurting your feelings, and probably the feelings of other scorned women she's skeezed out of a boyfriend. I'm not an advocate for physical violence (generally speaking) but if she gloats in front of you again, make sure she falls down some stairs. And forget those guys! They're going to be total losers in ten years, I promise. ;)

Mister_Triangle 21

She's sniping your men. Better bust out the big guns. And by "big guns" I mean: talk bad about her behind her back

Think of it this way. They were trash which she now has. Seems like a win to me. Eventually you will find someone worth it.

Well, maybe she left your last boyfriend for your new boyfriend, which would at least mean your last boyfriend knew how it felt.

Take satisfaction in that, op :)