By tastetherainbow - 07/07/2013 10:55 - United States - Katy

Today, I was asked to help my sister clean her room. The moment I opened the door, I was greeted by her screaming "TASTE THE RAINBOW" with a full mouth. She then spat the skittles into my face. FML
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You were probably green with disgust, then red with anger, and then you probably throttled her til she was purple in the face. #YELLOW.

Thats actually pretty funny. Your sister is awesome.


You were probably green with disgust, then red with anger, and then you probably throttled her til she was purple in the face. #YELLOW.

U r just awesome #1

maybe OP sister thought OP was feeling BLUE and wanted to make his/her day more colorful

That's when you say "melts in your mouth, not your hands" and punch her in the jaw

Such a shame that we can't think of a reference to the orange skittle

Orange you glad it was just skittles?

1 - I would have thumbed you up if it weren't for that hashtag.

I think you missed the point, 49.

Well Op, at least her room is messier of sticky skittles all over the floor. also she has no one to help her, unless you are being the extremely saintly brother.

Close the door and walk away. You ain't got time for dat shit. What a crazy sister.

OP should choose a more appropriate response... and falcon punch her in the face.

Should of led with the falcon punch even if she didn't spit skittles at you, stupid troll sister with her messy arse room.

That's gross and immature. How old is she?

Thats actually pretty funny. Your sister is awesome.

You are right. She's amazing and funny! Lighten up #17 :)

\ 28

OP's sister is a very creative troll.

Here, have my like ! It's funny. Maybe not for OP when he received the skittles on his face but he/she can not be angry !

So how did it taste?

Like the rainbow...mixed with a bit of spittle.

What else can you expect from a sibling? Having two younger siblings myself, I find this funny and believe OP should seize the opportunity to get her back!

As an only child, I missed all those fun sibling things. When I first read this, I was a little outraged, but the more I thought about it, it was pretty funny. And what an opportunity for OP to spend nights thinking up revenge!

The skittle machine gun, a noble defensive tactic for protecting your room from outsiders.

Except that the sister asked for help, which is pretty much an invitation. So I fail to see how defending the room from outsiders applies to this situation.

"I was asked to help my sister." Let that sink in. Realize you either misread or maybe a tad illiterate. OP could have been asked by mom or dad.

Or as General Akbar would say: "IT'S A TRAP."

At least you didn't have to pick up a bloody tampon...

Could have been semen, blood, ants, fire, acid, lots of other much worse things. Still sucks because now you are rainbow and sticky

Could have been TNT, a cat juggling a moose, a transvestite with a dart gun or even a nuclear bomb, doesn't mean it was or it ever will be. I just don't see how nonsensical, non-pertinent "could be"s can make OP feel better. Hell, while we're on hypotheticals, it could have been a million dollars, a cure for cancer or a new car, but it wasn't. Does that mean OP should be sad they aren't wealthy and healthy?

^ I love the things you come up with! :')

That blows...skittles