By Anonymous - 07/07/2013 13:58 - United States - Wayne

Today, not only do I work as a garbage man, but I had to pick up a used, bloody tampon that someone decided to throw on the ground rather than in a garbage can. FML
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olpally 32

Bloody hell!!! Definitely **** your life!! :/

You couldn't grab something from the trash? Like maybe a napkin?


olpally 32

Bloody hell!!! Definitely **** your life!! :/

It was a joke the pun was on period@47

Allornone 35

I think 47 understood that. He also made a pun with "ragging"

Zimmington 21

I'm wondering if this was outside of Giovanna Plowmans' house... Nah, the tampon would've been sucked dry.

Who is changing their tampon in public like that?

Bathrooms have garbage cans and floors to throw tampons onto as well. Not just public places.

Yeah, but what garbage man goes into a restroom to change the garbage? I could see a janitor/custodian, but garbage men generally just pick up on street, behind buildings, etc.

42, people empty their own trash bins from the bathroom and put that trash into the trashcan that the garbage men will empty.

caitlinbblack 14

He didn't say he went into a restroom, somebody threw it on the ground outside and didn't put it in the garbage bins.

You couldn't grab something from the trash? Like maybe a napkin?

AboveAll04 14

you're thinking about getting a used napkin from the trash....uhhh disgusting !

Still doesn't matter what you are wearing. I doubt you would really wanna touch it when the trash can was right there. FYL OP

sammyjanette 17

With his luck I bet the napkin that he picked would have had come on it or something like that.

or two bloody tampon and a prom night dumpster baby

LaLa_xo 14

That's terrible. I hope you had some gloves on!

Damian95 16

Seriously, this FML is more disgusting than usual.

UnluckyGenius 21

Maybe bring a shovel to work next time? Just in case..

How about one of those claw grabber things? Functional And fun!

UnluckyGenius 21

Now that is a great idea! Much more efficient than a shovel, except I would want to keep such an elegant tool untainted by bloody tampons..

At least the tampon put up a good fight, hence all the blood.

caitlinbblack 14
ks23 9

My faith in humanity dwindles everyday.

Wait you still have faith. Look everyone this poor person still has faith in humanity. Sorry to tell you, But that died off years ago.

Anyone else think these "faith in humanity" comments are just as old as "shitty situations"? Sure, they're both accurate, yet far too often pointed out.

gameofthrones_fml 12

Yes, I agree #111! Too commonly used and quite the over-exaggeration in my opinion.